Customer Service is NOT a Differentiator

Customer Service is NOT a Differentiator

Recently I sat through a networking meeting with a friend. Although parts of the meeting weren’t too bad, I found myself struggling to listen to the other businesses trying to tell their story and differentiation.

Over 90% of those whom attended claimed one of the key differences that separated them from their competition was “excellent customer service”. Oh really?

Let’s break this down like a fraction… First, what is the definition of “excellent customer service” for your best clients? Second, if over 90% of the people in the room are providing it, can it be a key difference? And Third, is having “excellent customer service” a story that compels your best clients to engage with you – or do they expect that from anyone providing quality services?

Ok, so I may be a bit leading and sarcastic here. It can be difficult to tell your company story in an authentic, moving way that accurately invites your best clients in while weeding out those who shouldn’t be there. Difficult but not impossible. I’m not talking about that mission statement, or the list of what you may think your key differences are – “excellent customer service” or “world class products”, and so forth.

Tell us a real story. Be prepared to say why you do what you do, not what you do. Ask your best clients why they stay with you. Better yet, ask 10 of them. Craft a story and then refine it.

Your best clients already expect you to have superb customer service, they want more than that. They deserve more than that.

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