Impactful Clients: LEADER Worldwide

At Fervor, we love helping purpose-driven organizations make an impact. Recently, we had the pleasure of working with one of those organizations – LEADER Worldwide.

The team at LEADER Worldwide, led by Bruce Heinrich, is all about service. And they are out to make an impact in this world beyond the company’s bottom line. (This is a requirement for all Fervor clients.) They use company resources to give Dream Factory and Make-A-Wish recipients world-class transportation. And Bruce’s personal passion for The Global Orphan Project (ahem, Fervor’s first-ever client) only underscores how fundamental the drive to serve is in the organization that he leads.

We are honored to have helped them hone their website to speak to those that frequently count on to book transportation all over the globe. The copy and the imagery is top-notch, if we do say so ourselves.

Take a peek:

Final Sheen Shot- Leader Worldwide (Responsive)

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