What Every Church Leader Should Know About Their Website

It’s no secret that people search for everything on the web (and now on their phone).  That includes churches.

We love helping those that are making an impact, and our client list includes several churches, so when we saw the latest research from Grey Matter, we weren’t shocked at the results.

If you are leading a church, you need to know how people who are looking for you online.  Here are some key stats:




So what does that mean for your church?

  1. If you don’t have a site, you probably should.
  2. Build a website that is responsive (mobile friendly).  Period.
  3. Make sure your story resonates with your main targeted attenders. If you don’t have a target attender, you better get one with an Organizational Branding Assessment.
  4. Ensure you design your site to include: times of service and location with maps and links on your home page.
  5. If you aren’t considering adding the video from the sermon on your site you should.  Even better if you stream it. There are tools to make this easier than you think.

You cannot make a great website alone, sure you can publish a site by yourself but you are called to do something besides crafting a great website.  So it’s ok to ask for help.

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