Blogging Works for Business: Some Simple Things to Consider

Blogging Works for Business: Some Simple Things to Consider

We just want to get this out there up front; blogs are a big part of your brand’s voice. By big we mean HUGE.  Lots of folks think that blogs are so 200’s. Blogs are so far from dead they are partying like it’s 1999. Done well, they can be a great way to know your brand is inspiring meaningful conversations. Conversations lead to relationships and relationships are leveraged into impact.

Impact is measured in; lives saved, sales made, wells dug, leads generated and donations collected.  It’s from relationships. Deep, meaningful relationships with your best advocates. Relationships are built on shared experience. We learn about shared experiences through great  communication. Blogs are one of your best tools in the tool box for great communications. Period.

Queue the whining internal voice…”But I don’t know how to blog or what I would even write about.” Well let the team at Fervor offer a few bullets that we believe can help you get started:

  • Be personal. Your best clients and advocates like you for more than the product you offer.
  • Share your expertise generously so people recognize it and depend on you” – Seth Godin. This is your time to impact lives with the talent God gave you, let’s not waste that.
  • Write with a specific key audience in mind. It helps to have a very specific audience for what you write.

Go read some of Seth Godin’s thoughts on the subject.  It’s obvious, we drank his Kool-aid years ago, and judging by the Fervor client list, it worked. We are not ashamed, nor are our clients.

A few other bonus items for reading our blog:

  • Use pictures. If you can’t use your own, try these for royalty free-bies:
  • Commit to weekly posts. The stats don’t lie (check out slide 25-30).
  • Have fun. Sharing what your business or your organization  is up to should be fun.

You have heard us say it before; the hardest part is getting started. Blogs are a HUGE part of your brand voice. Starting the conversation will lead to deeper, more meaningful relationships with your best advocates.

Impact lives on that side of the equation.

No more waiting. Let’s do this.


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