5 Years of Impact & Great Marketing

5 Years of Impact & Great Marketing

Fervor is 5 years old this month.  It’s crazy to think that we started this thing after a trip to Haiti in July of 2008. We had one mission; help C3 Missions International become The Global Orphan Project.

It worked so well at GO Project! We got addicted to helping those who help others. So here we are.  5 years of fun, 5 years of creating and telling great stories for clients who care, 5 years of impact on the world.

Here is a little timeline of what the last 5 years has looked like:

  • January of 2009 –  Mike Farag started Fervor with one client, The Global Orphan Project. A re-naming and a full rebrand effort led to a communications overhaul, helping this nonprofit grow more 80% in donations in 12 months.
  • April of 2010 – Fervor branches out to take on the world with other great clients.
  • 2011 – The network of Fervor Creative Partners grows by 300%.  Yeah we’re a pretty fun group of folks and we have the talent to boot.
  • 2012 – Fervor grows revenues by over 500%.
  • 2013 – Fervor adds another 12 clients to the family and expands by offering Outsourced Marketing Support + Communications plans.

What a fun 5 years its been working with so many great people.

Here is a little TOP 5 in 5 years, fun look at Fervor:

  1. One Haitian orphan named Daniel, inspires Fervor to begin. Read more about Daniel and why Fervor started HERE>>
  2. Two new websites for ourselves – and over 20 great websites for our clients. See some HERE >> 
  3. Three thousand seven hundred ninety-five Americano’s. It takes a lot of caffeine to keep this engine purring.
  4. Four states, and 2 countries. Fervor creatives are now spread out across the country and the world. Cool eh?
  5. Over ninety-five percent of our clients recommend us. Now that’s trust.

Special thanks to all our friends, cheerleaders, clients and families:

Thank you.  Thanks for trusting us.  Here’s to another 5 years of impact & great marketing.

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