Our New Financial Services Friends & Clients: Triune Financial Partners

Our New Financial Services Friends & Clients: Triune Financial Partners

When we connected with the Triune Financial Partners team, we quickly realized that our hearts were the same: we’re both out for more than the bottom line.

Triune is a financial planning firm, and it’s rare to connect with finance folks who aren’t just about the dollar signs, but so much more than that. Triune aims to build both profit and impact for their clients — and that struck a close chord with the Fervor team.

So we’re happy to unveil the new Triune website, complete with our signature Impact Brand Assessment & Strategy, the works. Together, we started the process asking WHY and WHO for Triune. It’s the Fervor way of designing things with intention.  Why do the Triune professionals approach financial planning in such a unique way? Simply stated, it’s conversation. Triune cares about the whole you, not just the financial you. And we wanted to reflect that in every aspect of their revamped website.

This new website is Triune’s launching pad for conversation. It’s simple, smart, and all about their clients. Their earnest hearts in every conversation we had demonstrated just that.

Triune Responsive Web Image - Created by Fervor

At Fervor, we enjoy growing companies strategically and empowering them to tell their story in the most effective, impactful way possible. As we worked with them, we learned that the Triune team comes alongside its clients, their spouses and their businesses.

Truly, Triune is a partner in conversation, which happens to be a new tagline developed throughout this process. It was our goal to make the new TriuneFP.com reflect just that. It’s simple, feature-rich, easy to navigate and, above all, people-centric. It was our privilege to work with a team who shares our dedication to relationship. And that’s what creating Fervor means to us.

It was time for a change. We needed to get to the “big leagues” and quit trying to be the experts. Homemade didn’t cut the mustard any longer. We were all believing the same thing and acting the same way , but we said things just a bit differently. We needed professionals to get us aligned in our message. Fervor operated the same way with us as we do with our clients. They got to know us and did a lot of fact finding. They identified the areas that needed to be abandoned, fixed, aligned etc. They gave us solutions that made sense and implemented them according to budget and timeliness. We now have a relationship that we believe will carry us for many years to come.

– Jim Mullinix, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Triune Financial

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