In Marketing, the Little Things Can Make a Big Impact

In Marketing, the Little Things Can Make a Big Impact

In marketing, the little things can make a big impact. So, here at Fervor, our ears perked up when we heard about AmazonSmile., the largest online retailer in the world, operates the AmazonSmile Foundation. When shoppers visit, they can purchase tens of millions of products through their Amazon account. But here’s the added bonus: the AmazonSmile Foundation then donates 0.5% of the purchase price to the shopper’s chosen 501c3 nonprofit.

Using AmazonSmile is one small thing that can add up to a big impact for nonprofits. And signing up is simple too. Nearly one million organizations are eligible. If you don’t see your favorite, you can even designate your donation to a charity that hasn’t yet registered. So if you’re a nonprofit, how do you get these donations? An official representative must create an administrator account, and then submit bank account information so gifts can be deposited. Easy as that.

At Fervor, we love organizations out to make a bigger impact than the bottom line. So when companies like Amazon take the extra step to be generous, we’re on board.

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