You Are Here for a Reason

You Are Here for a Reason

You are here for a reason.  I know it sounds really metaphysical, and no I’m not going to start chanting and ask you to have some Kool-Aid after.  But you are here for a purpose.  Have you discovered what that purpose is yet?

It stands to reason that your business is here for a reason too.  Yeah, I’m talking to all you entrepreneurs.  Your business stands for something. It has purpose.  Have you discovered what that is yet?

You have been given skills, unique abilities that are suited for something specific.  So has your business.  Are you using these skills and abilities for your purpose?  Taking the time to try to write out your why, it is truly clarifying.

Here is mine:

My Why- Mike Farag.001

I’m not talking about the boring, mission statement on the wall kind of writing.  I mean the two-sentence,  key word, inspired kind of purpose.  Your why. It’s really undeniable. We’re all here for a reason.  I’d love it if more of us found out what that reason was for ourselves and for our businesses.

A few weeks ago I was honored to lead a session for Faith Based Financial Advisors on Personal Branding. While preparing for that session I was struck by how many of us are still searching for our purpose and how many businesses and people within those businesses that need to get their why down on paper.  Here are my slides from that:


I’d love to hear your whys on Twitter or see them on Instagram. Share a picture of your why with me!  Go on, I dare you. #knowyourwhy

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