Greater Than The Sum of It’s Parts: The New Culture House Web Site

The New Culture House Website by Fervor

A culture house is a feature in almost every European town. The arts hub for the community, it’s part lecture hall, part exhibition hall and part gallery. Dancers, singers, actors, academics and musicians assemble to practice their craft and connect with each other. These features are unified under one roof with one mission.

CH_Portrait-53Mona and Jeremiah EnnaJeremiah and Mona Enna sought to bring that performing arts spirit to Kansas City. They moved from Sweden and founded The Culture House in 1996 as both an arts organization and a Christian organization. Today, students of all ages learn dance, theatre, art and more. The Culture House is also home to the renowned Störling Dance Company.

Jeremiah, Mona and their team believe in artistic excellence and a thriving community. The faculty, staff and leadership genuinely value on each student they serve, looking at the whole student.

The Culture House doesn’t shy away from their faith: rather, these values drive them forward. Plus, they pride themselves on artistic excellence without some of the more discouraging, cutthroat aspects of the secular art world.

The many facets of The Culture House are unified by a firm belief that the arts can build a better life. And that connected deeply with us at Fervor. We bonded over our shared belief in excellence, and that arts done well can make our communities better places.

The Fervor team was challenged with creating a website that went beyond merely accommodating these facets, but showcasing why and how they all work together.  And we love a good challenge.

What makes the Culture House unique is both its approach and all its moving parts — and we put that theme to work in the new website. So we’re excited to present this new site. Take a look >>

This site tells the distinct stories of each program, as well as the greater narrative. At Fervor, we’re convicted that there’s more than one way to tell a story. As we worked with The Culture House, we were more convinced than ever. The Culture House is greater than the sum of its parts, and it was our goal to make the website reflect just that. Each feature supports the diversity of programs, but with a unifying look, feel and theme.

The Culture House’s dedication to arts enriching life inspires us. It was an incredible opportunity to build a website that celebrates how the pieces of the Culture House puzzle fit together, all towards art for a greater good.

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