10 Great Charities & Social Enterprises That Deserve Your Dollars

We love giving at Fervor. In fact, it’s kinda how we got our start. A mission trip to Haiti turned into a calling for our Chief Strategist and today, here we are: helping small businesses, social enterprises and non-profits make more impact.

Buried in our DNA, under the thought and focus of delivering impact for our clients, we really dig some people who are out to do good. Get to know some of these great organizations — and consider making a contribution yourself.

  1. Global Orphan Project — At Fervor, we are all about this group . . . it’s where it all started for us. The kids and lives impacted through orphan care and prevention is really transforming lives at GO Project. Give early Give often.
  2. GO Exchange — Same Global Orphan mission, but with goods and services. GO Exchange helps local makers in Haiti and East Africa create beautiful products. No, it’s no bait and switch, just a killer way to pick up a cool scarf hand made in Haiti and give your wife or girlfriend a gift. Win Win.
  3. Pages & Chapters — Literacy rules. We need future writers here at Fervor. No way to get them if they can’t read. Our good friend is leading the charge with a really cool program targeted to inner city schools and parents. It’s working!
  4. Warby Parker —If you need some killer eye glasses or sunglasses and also want to give a pair of reading glasses to someone who needs them – then you need yourself a pair of Warby Parkers.
  5. Max Lucado —We love this guy, his books, his mission and heart. Why not give his new book, Before Amen, to some friends this Christmas? Do it.
  6. The Culture House —These guys promote Christ through the arts and they are killer at it. Great heart. Top quality music, theatre, dance and art all wrapped up in a cool package in the heart of Kansas City.
  7. National Christian Foundation – Heartland. If you give money, stocks, etc., think seriously about using these guys to do it. They can make it super simple to give generously. One Tax receipt. Deduct now, give it later. Too cool.
  8. Water.org —About 780 Million people don’t have access to clean drinking water. Matt Damon and some dudes from Kansas City say that just won’t fly, and they are changing that. We’re in.
  9. Red Dirt —They mean it when they say Goods for Good.  Get a custom-designed iPhone case or a shirt and get profits donated to really good causes. Boom.
  10. Enter Your Address Here. Yeah, that’s right, your own neighborhood. Statistics say that someone on your block is too short on cash to buy groceries, Christmas gifts for their kids or just pay their heating bill. Why not pop some anonymous cash in their mailbox?

No matter what you do, or who you plan to give to, the point is we exist to impact others. We’d love to hear more about how you plan to give. Drop us a line and tell us the story will ya!

Proud Full Disclosure Statement: Many of the above businesses and charities listed above are former or current Fervor clients. We love to serve those who are out making an impact.

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