Marketing Made For Impact

Delivering Impact CoasterWe have been blessed to spend the last six years helping companies make a difference in the lives of those they serve. Since the beginning, Fervor has always been focused on helping organizations that make a difference. To us, this is called impact. Some clients help orphans all over the planet by providing housing, resource development, education and faith. Others are small businesses looking to get better at connecting with their ideal clients. Our focus on small businesses and organizations who are looking to make an impact has had an impact on us. Here are just a few things we have learned along the way.

Life is sacred. But work is also part of life.

Fervor was started from a sojourn in an impoverished nation. Witnessing the joy and peace that lives even in the absence of material blessings stirred the heart of our founder. We each have been given this sacred and short time to make a difference in this world. Our blessings may not be in the form of wealth to ransom away suffering. Most assuredly, they come from our talents applied through labor. We use this medium of marketing, words and images delivered to the eyes of the world, in order to fulfil our vocations. To see our work amplify the impact of our clients on the world transforms our efforts into something more sacred than ads and copy.

Work that creates impact breeds more work.

Marketing, at its core tells the world about solutions. So our focus on working with organizations making a difference translates into talking about important problems. Being able to tell the world about innovations that truly make impact gets the attention of other companies and organizations with the same needs. Through grace and the ability to focus on these impact makers, we find ourselves with plenty of opportunities to use our talents.

We become believers.

As projects become priorities within the company, teams are formed around the needs of each individual client. Always at the center is the focus on who the client needs to reach with their mission. We get so deep in the why and the what of our clients’ vision that we find ourselves volunteering and donating to their cause, or using their products and services personally. When you work with great companies that make a positive impact through their products and services, it’s easy to become impacted personally through the process.

A picture of a laptop showing a remote team working on an impact assessment

Iteration is ongoing.

Even after six years with some really cool clients and fun results, it feels like we’re still just getting started. For the first time in our history, Fervor has weekly office hours. Our team of talented creatives mostly work remotely and recently we’ve seen a growing need for in-person collaboration. Office hours aren’t required, but time to work together stirs the imagination and has lead to some breakthroughs that may not have happened without them. These meetups have become a source of fellowship and camaraderie, furthering the impact to the client and our company culture. Let us know if you would like to join us some time. We thrive on collaboration.

Our culture of impact is growing. And it seems that organically, almost accidentally and somewhat intentionally, we have begun to dial it in at Fervor. The most amazing thing is that it’s impacting more than just our clients.

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