What you need to know about Google’s latest update

Recently, Google made a major update that affects how ads are displayed on search results. Bottom line: this change makes it more important than ever to leave do-it-yourself SEO behind and move to a managed campaign. Fervor’s search engine marketing expert Josh Eliseusen shares what you need to know about Google’s latest change.


Q: So what’s the latest update?

A: Google’s latest update includes two changes. The first is a shift Google had been testing for more than a year: removing the right hand side ads from search results pages. Already standard on mobile and tablet search, it’s now permanent practice on all devices. The second change is the addition of a fourth top of page ad (where there were three in the past).

before update

Q: Time for a quick refresher — what’s SEO again?

A: SEO (which stands for search engine optimization) simply makes a website more search engine friendly and focuses on getting your site found on Google. It’s one slice of the overall search engine marketing pie: think like Google to represent your brand well online.

Q: How does Google’s update affect my brand’s search engine marketing?

A: Every campaign is different, but we believe this change is a positive one for Fervor clients. With the addition of the fourth top of page ad, the advertising section of results pages is more visually prominent, bringing more attention to your campaigns. Furthermore, we’ve already been targeting the top three positions for Fervor client campaigns.

after update

Q: So Google shifted from 11 ad spots to 7. What does that mean for my company?

A: There is a chance that some competitors who regularly appeared in right hand side ads could raise their bids to appear in a top spot, increasing cost per click. But at Fervor, we’ve been pursuing the top three spots for our clients from the beginning. So this just makes campaign management even more important, and we’re closely monitoring as always to make adjustments and communicate any changes.

Q: My nonprofit is the recipient of a Google Ad Grant. How will this impact us?

Google Ad Grants — the $10,000 of in-kind advertising that nonprofits can receive every month! — have their own unique set of guidelines. And this recent changes means that, now more than ever, it’s all about the ongoing SEO management for organizations. This makes sure you can reach the right people with the right terms, maximizing the monthly grant.

Q: Today, we’re taking a DIY approach to SEO. Should my company switch to a managed campaign?

A: If your campaign is running on autopilot currently, now is a great time to pivot to managed SEO. Some campaigns need more coordination than others. But no need to panic; it’s always more cost effective to make the small shifts as we go than build a campaign from scratch. So now is the time to get your campaign managed.
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