How are you making an impact?

Hosting others is in our blood and an important part of who we are as impact makers and world changers. So after relocating to our new office, we were energized to meet our new neighbors and welcome friends and family. More than 100 neighbors and friends made it out on March 31 to celebrate our new space at 1705 Summit Street.

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Two local KC beers — from  Torn Label Brewing Co. and KC Bier Co. — were flowing from our taps, energetic and melodious jams from Run With It Band were heard from down the block, and the jovial vibe in the Fervor space was contagious.

And hey, nothing sets the tone for a good gathering like good conversation. To get it started, we posed this question to Fervor friends: Hey world changer! How are you currently making an impact on our world?

Making impact

Some of our favorites:

Raising two young boys to seek adventure and make their own impact!

Raising two young boys

Working with kids, singing when asked, and looking for more ways to leave a semi-permanent mark.

Working with kids

Inspiring people to go outside and PICNIC because eating together, being outside, laughter and making memories is my heart.

Inspiring people to go outside

I will disciple my four day old son. He will be a WORLD CHANGER!

Disciple my son

Not succumbing to the status quo. Asking and figuring out the ‘why’ for myself and others.

Not succumbing to the status quo

Being present and calm for people going through crisis, reminding them that they’re not alone no matter what.

Being present


How are you making an impact in our world?

Tweet @createfervor and let us know with #worldchanger.

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