Meet Kelsey Debrick

Kelsey puts her creativity and expertise into play as Fervor’s Social Media Manager. Meet Kelsey Debrick.

Kelsey Debrick

At Fervor, Kelsey is: Social Media Manager. In her role, Kelsey drives our clients’ social media efforts. “From the strategy to the implementation, I’m engaging and interacting on behalf of our clients,” Kelsey says. “I’m also constantly absorbing everything that’s out there for our clients and figuring out how we can play the game and win the game on social media.”

What and where she studied: Kelsey started college at KU, where she ran track. Halfway through, she transferred to Kansas State, where she earned two journalism degrees: News & Information and Journalism. She still cheers for both, by the way — “I really got the best of both worlds!”

The land Down Under: After college, Kelsey spent a year living in Australia and traveling around the country. Her favorite spot? Cape Tribulation. “It’s one of the few areas in the world where two ecosystems exist next to each other, a jungle and a beach. It was beautiful.”

Before Fervor: “I’ve done a variety of jobs, but they all have had a marketing component,” Kelsey says. She’s handled social media for a ReeceNichols office and for FINDit KC. And, if you’ve ever grabbed coffee at the Plaza Kaldi’s or at Little Freshie, Kelsey may have been your barista. In fact, it was at Little Freshie where Kelsey got to know the Fervor crew as she served stellar sandwiches.

Family: Kelsey has two sisters and a brother, and she’s the proud aunt of two nieces and a nephew. And — big news! — Kelsey is recently engaged! She and her fiancé, Ryan, are planning a fall wedding.

Two-room schoolhouse: Way before her Jayhawk and Wildcat days, Kelsey went to grade school in a two-room schoolhouse in rural Block, Kansas (outside Paola). “Five generations of my family went there, and I got to go to school with all my brothers and sisters. My friends were always jealous that we had three recesses a day!”

Outside Fervor: Kelsey loves spending time outdoors. If it’s summer, Kelsey’s at the lake. And during winter months, she hits the slopes. “This will be my fourth year getting a season ski pass. I’m kind of addicted,” she laughs.

A community she loves: “I love meeting other creative women and entrepreneurs. There are so many women who are creating awesome things in Kansas City!”

Life’s a picnic: Kelsey has always enjoyed picnics (she even owns four picnic baskets), and now she’s spreading the picnic love to others. Earlier this year, she launched Let’s Picnic, a grab-and-go picnic event. “It stems from my love for food and eating outside and making every day a bit more special,” she says.

Favorite KC restaurant: It’s a tough choice, since Kelsey loves many spots around KC, but Chai Shai in Brookside tops her list.

Favorite place for a cup of coffee: Another Brookside gem — Heirloom Bakery.

Favorite place for a beverage test: Kelsey loves Il Lazzarone in the River Market. “Their bartenders are great!”

Favorite reads: Kelsey enjoys memoirs and autobiographies by comedians and just wrapped up Amy Poehler’s book Yes Please. She also enjoyed Tina Fey’s writing in Bossypants.

What drives Kelsey up a wall: When people skip the thank you. “We’re used to everything being a transaction and, in the service industry, not enough people say thank you.”

Digs Fervor because: “Fervor has a good work-hard-play-hard mentality,” Kelsey says. “We’re just as good at working hard as we are at celebrating.”