Playing the long game? Seven reasons why your brand needs content marketing


So your brand has started blogging. Cheers — you’ve dipped your toe into the pool of content marketing! Too many brands quit content almost as soon as they get started, because they don’t see overnight results. Here’s the truth about content marketing: you’re never going to see the payoff you want by publishing a few posts and crossing your fingers.

Content marketing is not a tool for immediate results — content marketing is a strategy for long-term growth, and it’s your brand’s best weapon for lasting impact. We’ve got plenty of tools up our sleeve to drive quick results, sure. But if you want your brand to be successful for the long haul, content must be part of your marketing strategy. Here are seven reasons why:

  1. Content marketing lets Google know you matter.
    Content is king with SEO (that’s search engine optimization), telling search engines why your site should be found. Google ranks sites based on their authority on certain keywords why your brand is relevant and why your site should top the search results. This is where the content comes in: ongoing content tells Google that your site is alive. Inconsistent content does the opposite, by the way — sporadic posting or no posting at all tells Google why your site belongs at the bottom of search results.
  1. Content drives social media marketing campaigns.
    Hey, if social media is part of your overall strategy, you gotta have something to talk about. Good content anchors the conversation, and as social media drives visitors to your site, content converts to further engagement. And as a tool for digital networking, content can help build relationships with complementary brands and partner orgs.
  1. Content establishes leadership and expertise.
    Selling a service? Then we’re talking to you: content marketing builds your brand’s case for why you’re a leader in your field. The more competitive your arena, the more important this is. From financial advisors and healthcare brands, to educators and community groups, you’ve gotta showcase your skills and your impact. Success stories and case studies, for example, demonstrate your credibility, strong record and reputation for lasting impact.
  1. Content reminds your best advocates why they dig you.
    It’s kinda like reminiscing about your first date with that special someone — you remember why you fell in love in the first place, right? In the same way, stories about your brand remind ideal advocates why they love you and why they stay engaged.
  1. Content marketing converts transactions into relationships.
    So they bought your widget — maybe they gave to your nonprofit once, for example, or they dined at your restaurant once. Great, you made the sale! But now what? Content builds a relationship, converting one-time customers into ongoing advocates. And when you debut Widget 2.0? No chasing old customers; they’re already there, excited to buy.
  1. Content builds personality and authenticity.
    There’s a time and place for a good commercial, no doubt. But content marketing is a platform to roll up your sleeves and tell your brand’s real story, revealing personality and heart in a way that’s deeper than a 15-second ad or a postcard mailer. In ongoing content, you can build personality, foster goodwill and secure faith in your organization.
  1. Content gives you something to send — email and more.
    Content feeds your email engine. Let’s face it, we’re all emailing clients and prospective clients daily and great content gives you something to share in email — both personal emails and your corporate email marketing efforts. Content allows you to showcase how your organization is continuing to do what it does best, and how you’re staying at the forefront and making an impact.

Content marketing may be a long-term strategy — but the sooner you start investing in it, the sooner your organization will start seeing its benefits. Need a partner in content marketing? We’re here to help. Reach out to Fervor today to start the conversation.

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