From Information to Transformation: the Disciples Made Conference

Ever felt like there’s too much talking and not enough action in building disciples? Hungry for ministries, businesses and leaders to move from information to transformation? Us too. That’s why we at Fervor are excited to sponsor and participate in the Disciples Made Conference. The first of its kind, the conference is a rallying point to spark 50 disciple-making movements in Kansas City. Register now >>


Several years ago, Westside Family Church’s Next Steps pastor Brian Phipps felt called to develop a disciple-making movement in KC and across the country. Out of this calling, he founded the Disciples Made program, which is designed to transform church attenders into missionaries where they live, work, and play. Born out of that same hunger for laser-focused transformation, the Disciples Made Conference on November 3 is a rallying point to spark 50 disciple-making movements in Kansas City.

“I want to change the way people think about making disciples,” says Brian. Too often, ministry focuses on information, not transformation, he explains. “So instead of content, the Disciples Made conference focuses on the outcomes that the Holy Spirit most wants to see in our lives.”

“What I really want to accomplish at the conference is for people to make the shift from content-driven to impact-driven,” Brian says. “If people see that paradigm shift, then it’s a win.”

Mike Farag, Fervor Chief Executive Officer & Chief Strategist, explains why his participation in Disciples Made was so influential — and why he’s come on board as one of seven distinguished speakers at the conference. “For me, Disciples Made offered some of the most rigorous study and leadership building and discipleship conversations I’ve been part of,” Mike says. “What I especially love about Disciples Made is that it’s a level playing field for focused growth. It can be just as impactful for a business leader or a church leader, a man or a woman, a new believer or someone who’s been walking with Christ for years.”

The conference is not only for church and small group leaders, but for business owners and leaders too. The Disciples Made Conference is designed for anyone who is passionate about disciple-making, anyone who wants to see the spiritual landscape of our city changed.

November 3, 2016

9 am – 1 pm at Westside Family Church


“So many of us are scared that by combining our mission and our business, we’ll lose,” Mike says. “But Disciples Made challenged my own thinking: I don’t simply run a business with creatives, but we get to make the same impact a church pastor can, and with the same compassion and hunger for growth. Disciples Made will show you tangible solutions that we can deploy right now so our businesses can make a profound impact on our city.”

If you want to see more impact in how you make disciples, then this conference is for you. Space is limited — register now! We’ll see you there.

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