Marketing trends that will define 2017

Nothing can replace sound marketing strategy when taking your brand to new heights. When it comes to executing that strategy, knowing what trends are on the horizon can help. As marketing tactics evolve, we’re excited to share what we at Fervor anticipate as the marketing trends that will define 2017.

2017 Marketing Trends

Video — with intention and strategy

Many brands have already dipped their toe into video content, and for good reason. Video ignites social media, with priority on social video platforms (think Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) over traditional web video like YouTube. And a whopping 80% of users recall a video ad they watched in the past 30 days. We see video moving forward in 2017 with strategy and intentionality. Gone are the days of simply filming, posting on social and crossing your fingers. Understanding your audience is key — they need to feel like the hero. It’s time video got the strategic planning it deserves.

ROI: Measuring matters

Here at Fervor, we’re big fans of metrics, measurement and tracking growth over time as a result of marketing efforts. We do it for all our clients. Unfortunately, we’re also in the minority: only 19% of marketers track all their marketing efforts through reporting. But with unparalleled access to measurement and reporting tools, it’s time for a shift. We see 2017 bringing unprecedented attention to tracking your marketing ROI.

Automation . . . while still acting human

Marketing automation — that’s the use of software to streamline marketing process likes digital campaign management — can allow teams to accomplish far more than they could when these tasks were tackled manually. Automation and targeting can be leveraged to make communications more and more personal, with advertising reflecting exactly who you want to reach. Smart brands will take advantage of opportunities to automate, while still keeping originality front and center.

Data is more important than ever.

We’ve heard the term “big data” for a while, and we see data becoming more and more significant — and more and more available — to marketers and brands. More data available means it’s possible to know more than ever about your consumers. This will be the year that big data grows up: organizations have the tools and resources available to start taking advantage of data for targeting segments of their audiences.

Advocacy is key

There’s a question we ask constantly here at Fervor, and it’s this: Who’s it for? We believe knowing your Ideal Advocates drives every marketing tactic you’re going to execute. You need an Ideal Advocate profile — and there’s nothing trendy about that. It’s smart business. Once you know your Ideal Advocates well, it’s a simple shift into this social media trend: Advocacy. Trust is built through advocates, so empower your employees, advocates and stakeholders to share and engage with your content. Help make sharing seamless with content that’s integrated and simple to share, paired with education and empowerment on how to do it best.

Brand authenticity has never mattered more

Brands fail when they’re inauthentic. How come? Brands no longer belong to the businesses they represent, but to the consumers who engage. We’re living in an age of abundant choice, and consumers are drawn to brands with an original story, a genuine identity and an honest commitment to delivering on their promise. The smartest (and most successful) brands not only tell their story well, they live it out each day. Trends come and go, but brands with genuine hearts stand the test of time.

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