Client Profile: Chuck Aranda and Mission Matters

Here at Fervor, we have the privilege of partnering with impactful, driven clients each day — and we’re excited to introduce them. Meet Chuck Aranda, the founder and president of Mission Matters Group.


At Mission Matters, Chuck is: President & Chief Evangelist. “When I’m evangelizing what we’re doing, it’s both externally with our clients and internally with our team. We’re intentionally trying to create something different, a relationship between a technology company and nonprofit organizations built on collaboration and shared insights to determine how best to use technology in support of mission and impact . . . technology is just a tool to support this effort. This is a message I love to communicate.”

About the organization: Mission Matters serves mission-driven organizations, aligning technology to their mission. “Technology is a huge part of what we do, but it’s the least significant. Through information strategy, process and technology, we help them track, measure and communicate the impact of the services they are delivering and manage all the information that helps guide their decisions.”

Career before Mission Matters: Chuck attended the Missouri University of Science and Technology, and studied both engineering management and electrical engineering. He launched his career at IBM, where he held roles in engineering, technical support and marketing, then continued on to Apple. “I was blessed to work with two of the premier computer companies of that time,” Chuck says. He departed Apple to launch a web-based learning management company, which he and his partners later sold to Maritz.

The shift to nonprofit: After several years with Maritz, Chuck decided it was time to do something different. “But instead of asking what I wanted to do, I started asking, what should I be doing?” During that time, a friend asked him if he’d ever considered working for a nonprofit. “That led me down a completely different path. It changed my perspective on technology and how it can serve people.” Chuck took a role with St. Patrick’s Center, “and I came to recognize there’s a huge gap in understanding how to use technology to support an organization’s mission. That’s what led me to start Mission Matters.”

Outside work, you’ll find Chuck: Spending time with family. “My wife and I have five kids and 12 grandchildren, and we spend quite a bit of time enjoying our family. We love them, we try to support them however we can and that brings tremendous joy.” When given the opportunity, Chuck loves to get in a round of golf and enjoys hitting the slopes with his buddies over Super Bowl weekend.

A community he loves: “What has been really formative in my life and my wife’s are our small faith groups in our church,” Chuck says, at St. Clare of Assisi Church near St. Louis. “The  community has been powerful in our lives as we’ve shared the joys and the trials of life’s journey each other.”

Favorite restaurant: Chuck loves Mi Lupita, a cozy Mexican spot just outside St. Louis “We’ve been going to this restaurant since shortly after they opened, probably 25 years ago. They’ve got great food and great margaritas, but it’s the owners who we love the most. They’ve become like family, and we’ve shared quite a bit of life with them over the years.” What to order? Chuck recommends the chili relleno, enchiladas and margaritas . . . and if it’s Christmas time, you can’t miss the tamales!

What his Mission Matters work has taught him: “People matter. What’s exciting to me is that this is about something bigger than any of us individually. When we’re all focused outward, and when our critical values and purpose are in alignment, we know we’re part of something bigger than ourselves. It’s not about talent alone, but people with the right character — working with the right people is critical to success.”

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