Meet Sara Ramey

Sara Ramey puts her communications expertise and heart for clients to work as a Fervor Brand Manager. Meet Sara.

Sara Ramey - Fervor Brand Manager

At Fervor, Sara is: Brand Manager. “My job is to form a really good partnership and relationship between the client and Fervor,” Sara says. Practically, as the point person for her clients, Sara’s role includes structuring projects, organization, communication and strategy.

What brought her to Kansas City: Although her dad is a Kansas City native, Sara was born and raised in Vienna, Austria, where her parents served as missionaries. “I always had the goal to go to college in the United States, and having attended an American curriculum school, everything was in place for me to pursue higher education here,” Sara says. Her grandparents were living in KC, and her parents were preparing to move back as well, so it was a natural progression for college.

Launching her career: Sara earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in interior design from Park University. Both in college and after, Sara worked for Gap as a visual merchandiser. “I loved that job because there was a real connection between creativity and understanding the minds of people. It was all about how people think and how to influence behavior. I was constantly problem-solving.” Building on a connection she made in college, Sara’s next role was as an in-house designer at Black Bamboo, an Asian and modern furniture store. “Those were some of the most formative years of my life. I learned so much about small business ownership, client interaction, design, forming and keeping good relationships.”

Her transition to marketing:But even after those two transformative years, there was still something in me,” Sara recalls. “I was hoping for a career in a field where I could really grow. That led me on an adventure to discover what I should do next professionally.” Through connections, great mentorship and some nonprofit volunteer work, Sara got connected to MMGY Global. She spent four years at MMGY, serving one of the world’s largest franchise-owned hotel chains. “I oversaw regional and local marketing, as well as lots of local marketing and web building.”

Family: Sara is the youngest of three siblings — she has one sister, Anna, and one brother, Ben. She’s the proud aunt of two nephews. Ethan is three and Gideon was born in April 2017.

Outside work, you’ll find Sara: “You’ll find me doing church activities and enjoying time with friends,” Sara says. She’s part of Christ Community Downtown and is especially involved in local and global outreach programs, as well as a community group. She loves catching up with friends anytime she can, especially over happy hour or dinner after work.

A community she loves: Sara points again to her circle of friends at Christ Community Downtown. “Lots of us are at the same stage in life and there’s lots of encouragement, lots of fun, lots of activity. That’s where I feel at home outside of my family, and there’s never a lack of connection.”

Favorite choice for a beverage test: Sara loves an ice cold glass of sangria. “Nothing beats good friends and sangria!” She’s a big fan of the sangria at La Bodega.

Favorite KC restaurant: “I’ve recently fallen in love with the Rockhill Grille!” Sara says. “The interior is so beautiful, and they have great drinks!”

Favorite reads: Sara usually gravitates toward books on social and relational topics. She also recently joined a book club — “We’re reading fun fiction books that lighten things up!” Sara’s a big fan of magazines too, from fashion magazines to AdWeek and everything in between.

Favorite TV shows: Sara loves The Office and Seinfeld, and when it comes to late night, she’s a big Jimmy Fallon fan.

Digs Fervor because: “Personally, I love what Fervor stands for,” Sara says. “I love how people-focused we are, both internally and externally. We’re constantly striving to do what’s best for our clients.”

Fervor wouldn’t be Fervor without . . . Sara’s long-term focus in serving her clients: “There’s a real joy that comes from organizing things well, thinking ahead, thinking with our clients and for our clients.”

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