Why your team needs to be on message

Fervor - Why your team needs to be on message

Remember the old game of telephone? A message starts at one side and players whisper the phrase to their neighbors until it reaches the last player in line — and the message ends up completely different.

Today’s market is no different when trying to communicate. Email, social media, content, web traffic, you name it. It’s the same game of telephone, but with a much more important message. Your brand’s message is how you clearly communicate your value to the market. And your message is far too important to be misunderstood.

Think about what happens to this digital game of telephone when members of our own organization are saying things differently. It only takes one person to derail the telephone game.

A clear message is a powerful message. If our team members are all sharing a different message, that message no longer has any power.

An unclear message leaves the market confused. Rightfully so. Ideal Advocates can’t buy into something they don’t understand. And yet we wonder, why aren’t we growing? Why don’t people understand what we do?

The key is not simply crafting a really great brand message. The real key is getting everyone to sound the same on the phone.

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