Three Tips: Fuel Year-End Giving with Content Marketing

Nonprofit leaders, you know what the holiday season means: your priority is fundraising, and you want to capitalize on year-end giving. After all, research says that 61% of donors are inspired to give during the holidays.* While content marketing might be the last thing on your to-do list, it has untapped potential to engage your donors. Better yet, it’s a strategy for long-term growth, so the content marketing you do now will pay off past the holiday season too. Discover how you can fuel year-end giving with content marketing.

Three tips: Fuel year-end giving with content marketing - Fervor Marketing - Content Marketing Kansas City

  1. Start with your Ideal Advocates™.

Think about your donors. How did they first discover your organization? What do they give – time, talent, treasure? Why are they involved today? These are all essential questions we ask when creating Ideal Advocate profiles during our Brand Impact Assessment. Ideal Advocates are those people that have a personal connection to your organization, have a shared experience and are prepared to share.

When you begin by getting to know your Ideal Advocates, you’re set up for success. Exploring their needs and frustrations helps you communicate in a meaningful way and connect with them in ways that resonate. Strong content marketing, targeted towards your Ideal Advocates, will speak to their heart and encourage them to give.

  1. Share meaningful impact.

Research finds that 97% of donors agree that nonprofits are essential for creating social change.* Content marketing is a great place to showcase your meaningful impact. Your donors want to understand how their contributions and financial investments are being utilized. In addition to numbers and stats, illustrate the difference your organization makes with personalized stories. Ask some of your strongest supporters to share their heart for your organization. Reveal how your current donors are personally needed for your mission’s success.

Meaningful impact can be shared through more than just words. Use Facebook Live to Interview “success story” stakeholders. Reveal powerful images with first-person narratives. Gather historical images and speak to the past, present and future of your organization. Utilize a multimedia approach to tell stories of impact and engage your current and potential donors.

  1. Execute across channels for a full campaign strategy.

Break down your year-end giving efforts and amplify each aspect of your campaign with content marketing. For example, mobilize for #GivingTuesday as part of your season-long campaign. Research shows that 51% of donors worldwide have participated in peer-to-peer fundraising within the last year.* Highlight your event across all content channels. Write a blog about why #GivingTuesday makes a difference and how to get involved. Create and share the event on social media. Ensure the event is included in your organization’s email communications — including in your email signature. And don’t forget to capitalize on in-person touchpoints, too.

The end of the year is a valuable time for your organization to communicate the remarkable ways you make a difference. Don’t miss the opportunity to fuel your fundraising with content marketing. To learn more ways marketing can further your mission, subscribe to the Fervor newsletter below.


* 2017 Global Trends in Giving Report, GivingReport.Ngo

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