Two Words Will Change Your Organization: Thank You

Stop by Fervor on a Monday morning during our weekly team huddle and you just might see us away from our laptops and putting pen to paper. As a team, we’ve made a commitment to writing thank you notes to all of our clients — and saying thank you intentionally. These two simple words have made a big impact for us. And we’re not alone: large corporations, Sprint included, have seen this strategy pay dividends. Why the simple act of saying thank you can transform your organization:

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Thank you notes turn gratitude into a habit.

If your organization is anything like ours, things move pretty quick. Even when we mean well, and when we try to remember to write a note, we’ll be haphazard at best. So we need to be intentional about cultivating the right rhythms and habits. Writing thank you notes on a regular basis means we’re expressing our gratitude on purpose, and we’re not letting our busy schedules get in the way of what’s important.

Saying thank you engages the full team.

At Fervor, our Brand Managers act as the primary point of contact for our clients. They’re charged with leading these relationships and stewarding our clients well. Most organizations have a structure like this, where one person is the primary contact for your Ideal Advocates. But it takes everyone on the team to make impact, and so strong relationships are everyone’s responsibility. Thank you notes involve every one of us at Fervor, even creatives who don’t interface with clients every day, and provide a pathway for our creatives to connect with clients personally. It’s just one more way to foster authentic connection from our whole team.

Thank you notes call us to reflect.

When we sit down to write a thank you note, we can’t help but count our blessings. Taking just a moment to reflect today pays off for the long-term too. A team of Indiana University researchers determined that gratitude literally rewires our brain. The participants in their study who wrote notes on a regular basis reported feeling more gratitude two weeks later — and even months afterward, they displayed more gratitude-related brain activity. If gratitude is a muscle, then regular reflection through thank you notes is how we keep that muscle strong.

All that for the price of some stationery, a stamp and a few minutes a week. Now that’s ROI. Saying thank you is a meaningful, intentional marketing strategy that you can implement today to reach your Ideal Advocates. So, our challenge to you: commit to saying thank you on purpose. Join us in putting pen to paper and expressing gratitude to your own Ideal Advocates.

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