Driving Impact with Sporting Kansas City COO Alan Dietrich

In this edition of Driving Impact, Fervor CEO Mike Farag is joined by Alan Dietrich, the COO of Sporting Kansas City. Alan shares his career path, from his first role at Cerner to his work today for Sporting KC. Mike and Alan dive deep into the intersection of business and impact, plus how Sporting KC gives back and why Alan feels called to make a difference.

Part One

Alan shares his career path, from his first days at Cerner to his role as an associate pastor, then Global Orphan Project and his job today Sporting Kansas City.

“It is a blast, I love my job!” Alan says. “Part of the appeal of Sporting KC is that we’re constantly doing new things, which keeps it fresh, alive and exciting.

Part Two

Alan and Mike talk all things impact. Alan dives into why Sporting KC is committed to making Kansas City better than ever, and the ways the soccer club gives back.

“Our ownership has invested a ton in creating an environment for fans and for the city,” Alan says. “It would be very easy in sports to be average, or to be mediocre, and it takes a lot of investment in mind and in funds to create something great for your city. There was a great deal of time and energy put into how we give back to the city beyond just the experience.”

Part Three

Alan discusses how his faith has shaped his desire to make a difference. From his involvement at his church, with Big Brothers Big Sisters and in Haiti, each pathway for impact is close to his heart.

“Making a difference became a big part of my life when faith became a big part of my life,” Alan says. “I was trying to always be open to how I could do it in a way that didn’t compromise my family, and I began to find ways to plug in.”

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