Q-and-A with the Experts: Brand Manager Sara Ramey

On the Fervor blog, we’re taking a deep dive into the expertise of our team members. To kick off our Q-and-A with the experts, Fervor Brand Manager Sara Ramey reveals what it takes to take a brand to new heights, the questions she asks to ensure success and what brings her joy in her role.

Sara’s brand management experience: “I’m interested in how people function, what makes them tick and what motivates them,” Sara says. “I have the chance every day to come alongside people and work together to reach goals, both on the client side and the creative side.”

Both at Fervor and MMGY, Sara has managed strategy and implementation for brands large and small. She has developed and executed integrated and cross-channel B2B and B2C campaigns, as well as managing holistic brand strategy. At MMGY, Sara served one of the world’s largest franchise-owned hotel chains. There, she managed regional media plans worth $5 million, and she developed an online marketing toolkit for franchisees, equipping them to localize their advertising. At Fervor today, Sara elevates local, regional and national brands to achieve their digital marketing goals through her brand management expertise.  

Why brand management matters: Brand managers fuse all the integrated, moving components of a client relationship. “You have to know the brand you’re partnering with inside and out and, equally important, you have to know who that brand’s Ideal Advocates™ are,” she says. “You have to know the brand’s history, including why they exist, what drives them and how they were established. And you also need to understand where they are going and what success looks like for the brand.”

The keys to brand management success: “Brand management succeeds when you’re making personal connections,” Sara says. She points to excellent and frequent communication, keeping projects rolling by managing the details. It takes a commitment to organization, leading with strategy and leaning on your experts — all while remaining relational.  “The best relationships in brand management are really friendships. You care about each other, you connect with each other. That kind of relationship takes intention.”

The questions a strong brand manager asks: First, Sara asks how we define success. “That’s the biggest question. Next, what are the components that build towards that success? Then we talk about how we move forward, both on a high level and the minutiae of digital marketing execution to reach the goals,” Sara says. “And throughout the project, the important question is asking how the work resonates with the client. How does this sit with you? Do you see this as accomplishing your goals? Are we heading in the right direction? At every stage, these kinds of questions are really important.”

Her brand management process: “It’s so important to get the right players together and determine the collective goals, so we can assign tasks with the timeline in mind.” Sara is always evaluating capacity, for both the client and the creatives. She stays in close contact with the Fervor team and the client team. Practically, Sara uses a variety of software and tools, from time tracking platforms to task management systems. “Clear communication is key” Sara says. “Transparency is a part of our Fervor Manifesto, and Fervor lives that out in our client relationships as well.”

What Sara has seen go wrong in her field: “The biggest mistake you can make in brand management is forgetting that you are serving someone,” she says. “From not listening to not taking requests seriously, it’s a big mistake to forget that both your team and client partners have a vital stake in the work we are doing.” Another misstep Sara has seen is downplaying your team. “One of the worst things a brand manager can do is to not let experts be experts. The best brand managers provide structure so our creatives can thrive.”

What brings her joy as a brand manager: “On so many levels, it’s the people,” Sara says. “In my role, I have the unique opportunity to facilitate and put people in positions where they can flourish. I love seeing people run with a digital marketing project and seeing brands grow to new heights as a result of a partnership.”

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