Meet Traci Ketter

As Operations Manager, Traci keeps Fervor’s ship running smoothly. “I love supporting our team and helping them be successful in their roles.” Get to know Traci.

Traci Ketter - Operations Manager

At Fervor, Traci is: Operations Manager, where she heads up all-things operations and works with data — whether it’s financial, HR or client research data. “My work behind-the-scenes on the back end enables our creatives to make the magic happen on the front end.”

Before Fervor: Traci’s interest in collective human behavior led her to study at Western Michigan University where she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and her Master’s Degree in Applied Sociology. She taught as an adjunct at Johnson County Community College before launching her own business with a partner. Her business specialized in back-office operations including bookkeeping, finances and operations. She recently served as full-time operations director with a past client.  

Her Fervor connection: “I was initially very attracted to Fervor as an outsider because of the culture and manifesto. The leadership is unapologetic about who we are,” she says. “Since starting, the openness and honesty have been so refreshing.”

Family:I found the nicest guy I ever met and married him,” she smiles. Traci is wife to Jason, a technology director at a local school, and mother to Simon (9), Miles (7), Amelia (4) and a fourth on the way. (She’s also mother to their oldest child — shelter dog Vader, who’s 12).

Outside Fervor: Traci hikes in the Parkville Nature Sanctuary nearly every weekend and sneaks in a nap when she can. She’s a Zumba fan and loves quality time with friends. “Jason and I have the best friends in the world. We share meals, go hiking and play music together.”

A community she loves: “My family loved being a part of a recent church community. Everyone was so diverse socioeconomically, racially and different ages. We all loved being together, being challenged and having a culture of growth. Many of our current family friends have stemmed from that church.”

Her choice for a beverage test: “Sangria from La Bodega, for sure. And any red wine based cocktail. I’ve never met a cabernet I didn’t like.” (PS: Traci’s in good company. Fervor voted La Bodega our #1 happy hour spot.)

Favorite KC food: Traci frequents Rye, which she describes as the food genre “hipster lumberjack.” She recommends the mac & cheese, fried chicken and especially the dessert.

A nonprofit she loves: She supports Community Linc, a nonprofit in her old neighborhood of Hyde Park.They both give a fish and teach how to fish,” she says. “They house families who are dealing with homelessness and help them get on their feet.  Through their rigorous program of financial, work education and health education, they meet immediate needs and future needs.

What she’s reading: Traci opts for nonfiction, and she’s currently on a cookbook kick. “I’m interested to understand the science behind flavor, not because I’m a big foodie, but because it’s an area I want to grow in and understand more of,” she says. Mighty Salads by Seasons 52 owners is on her nightstand right now.

What drives her up a wall: “Unjustified honking in traffic. I’m all for a righteous honk… just make sure you’re actually right before you honk.”

Digs Fervor because: “I feel delighted and blessed to work here. It’s truly unique to work alongside people who have a passion for doing good and seeking justice. I find it amazing that the people have both expertise and talent along with the passion for impact.”

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