Meet Olivia Lucas

Olivia Lucas, Marketing Communications Coordinator, loves being a part of Fervor’s culture. “I love knowing the people I work with — they are like family. It makes my work every day that much more meaningful.” Meet Olivia.

Olivia Lucas - Marketing Communications Coordinator

At Fervor, Olivia is:

Marketing Communications Coordinator, where she ensures client work goes smoothly, and she also produces social content. “I love how much freedom I have to be creative and put my spin on things. I get to take something that exists and make it even better for the client.”

Before Fervor:

Olivia earned her communications degree at University of Missouri-Kansas City. She participated in several college internships including roles in social media and account management. Following graduation, she joined MMGY as social media coordinator where she produced marketing content for clients like Cheap Caribbean, Visit KC and South Dakota Tourism.

Her Fervor connection:

“I was initially attracted to Fervor because it is faith-based,” she says. “Now, praying before meetings and leaning on each other for support — it’s insane to me. It’s fantastic. ”


Family is a major part of Olivia’s life. She’s the youngest of six (four sisters and one brother) and is aunt to several nieces and nephews. “My mom is one of my best friends,” she smiles. “Our family does dinners every Sunday. We travel together. We spend quality time together. My family is super important to me.” Olivia is also mom to Thor, her German Shepherd, and Mabel, her Australian shepherd.

Outside Fervor:

You’ll find Olivia at a coffee shop reading and people watching, or wandering around City Market. On a nice day, she’s enjoying a good gin and tonic on a patio.

Speaking of beverages:

Olivia swears by Goat Hill’s oat milk chai latte. “It’s so creamy and delicious. It’s like Christmas morning.” Her go-to happy hour? The Majestic on Broadway where she’ll order a Gin & Tonic or an extra-dirty martini.

A community she loves:

I have a tight-knit community of friends that I met through church. We have super deep relationships, but we also have normal fun relationships. Some us work together, we travel together. They are supportive and encouraging, but also challenging and fun. It’s just fun being friends with the people in my life.”

Her favorite KC food:

Corvinos, for now. “They have a delicious dessert quesadilla. Or their cheeseburger. I like the most basic things you can order at a fancy place.”

A cause she supports:

Olivia almost exclusively wears jewelry from The Giving Keys. “They are one of the few social entrepreneurships that have made it big and stayed true to their mission. They employ homeless people in LA and equip them with skills for jobs.”

She’s reading:

“Scary Close: Dropping the Act and Finding True Intimacy” by Donald Miller. “It’s very practical. You hear Donald’s story and learn how to be good at relationships and let people know actually who you are.”

What drives her up a wall:

“I hate when people are mean to other people to be funny,” she says. “I also hate when people eat slow, because I don’t.”

Digs Fervor because:

“I love the ‘why’ behind Fervor. It’s a big motivator for me. Serving great clients doing great things makes me want to do great work for them.”

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