The Scorecard Audit: Investigate, Implement, Impact

Fervor utilizes a unique process to grade your company’s marketing effort: a Scorecard Audit. If our Brand Impact Assessment is a PB&J sandwich, the Scorecard Audit is the (crunchy or creamy) peanut butter.

We conduct individual Scorecards for websites, social media, content creation, email marketing and overall brand – each graded on a numeric scale.

A healthy basketball team doesn’t thrive with just a good point guard – they’d need quality forwards and big

players as well. Similarly, your business can’t just excel at social media – you need a strong email and website presence to go with it. The points below highlight why you should invest in each component of a Scorecard Audit.

Scorecard Audit


Fervor employs marketing experts – these individuals will grade each area of a Scorecard. We’re like the kid in high school who somehow got his hands on the teacher’s answer book. Just a more ethically sound version of that kid.

The Scorecard Audit adds a layer of intuitiveness to the Brand Impact Assessment. The research we conduct is our way of taking aim and hitting the target. For instance, we might compile a Social Media Scorecard for your organization (as part of the Scorecard Audit). To accomplish this task, we would assign one of our social media experts to dissect your current online presence, and compare it to practices most relevant to your industry. Then we would be equipped to move forward with your new social media strategy. But Social Media is only one example – the following are Scorecard Audits we conduct:

  • Web Scorecard
  • Content Scorecard
  • Email Scorecard
  • Brand Scorecard
  • Social Media Scorecard

We will determine areas you’re excelling in, then utilize our expertise to strengthen areas that need help. That’s what a team does if they want to win. Winning for us is reaching your Ideal Advocates.


Scorecard Audits create short-term fixes as well as long-term strategy. We help your team see immediate gains, and walk with you to form vision for the future.

With an Email Scorecard we may find your email database in disarray, so we recommend organizing your lists. In another case, a Website Scorecard might reveal great design elements, but the SEO needs assistance to generate web traffic.

To begin, it’s ideal to pinpoint which areas need help and work out from there. Although you’re doing some things great, we aim to level out your success.


At Fervor, we like to measure twice so you only have to cut once. The Scorecard Audit is how we accomplish that for you. It can be hard when a friend addresses an area you need to work on, but what that means is you have friends who care.

The latter is our Fervor guarantee.

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