Words Matter: Finding Your Company’s Voice

Find Your Company's Voice

No one should need a decoder-ring to understand your company’s mission.

The Message Platform is key to Fervor’s Brand Impact Assessment™ and consists of multiple components.  We labor to know your company inside and out, then form language for you to communicate clearly. Building your Message Platform is not something we take lightly, because the way employees communicate your mission will either inform or fend off new clients.

Before delivering your new Message Platform, we need to articulate who your message is for: your Ideal Advocates™. Once we figure out your audience, we can craft consistent language for your organization and all its advocates to easily share with others.

The Message Platform articulates your purposes as a company, promises you offer, and distinctives that set you apart. We form a Core Brand Message around those offerings, and then build your brand voice. The latter includes phrases and terms your employees should speak with clarity and regularity. Your Messaging Platform may include naming options for services and tag lines to enact.

The Message Platform includes:

  • Purpose – We discover the “Why” behind your mission.
  • Promise – We articulate the deliverables you offer.
  • Pillars (distinctives) – We distinguish what sets you apart from the rest.
  • Core Brand Message – A description outlining the aim of your brand.
  • Service + Product Messaging – The detailed offerings of your business.
  • Brand vocab – Words that will fuel your company’s and employee’s mission.
  • Naming – New naming options to describe any product with impact.
  • Taglines – Phrases your employees will plant next to your products.
  • Headlines – Lines to label your work and process.

There is power in this process, as we understand how much words matter. If your vision is foggy, your results will be as well.

When Fervor builds your Message Platform, one truth will reflect your culture: many employees, one voice.

Then you will be equipped to reach your Ideal Advocate™. Then no one will be confused about your purpose, promise and distinctives. Then you will be ready to impact the community.

The Message Platform is how we get you there.

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