As Content Strategist, Will Severns ensures we keep the content engine burning for our clients. “My connection with Fervor is on a heart level, I really align with our core mission and values.” We do too, Will. We do too.

Meet Will Severns

At Fervor, Will is: Content Strategist. One part content guru, one part strategy, Will creates great brand content for our impact-driven clients. “I love writing and using words to help people think differently. At Fervor, I get to enter the minds of different industries, CEOs and employees and gain knowledge about multiple areas of the workforce.”

Before Fervor: Will was born and raised in Prairie Village, KS and attended Shawnee Mission East High School before relocating to Indiana to go to Taylor University. There, he got a degree in media communications and public relations, but immediately after graduation decided to change things up. He spent the past three years as a teacher at Kinwell Academy, an alternative education school in Indiana. There, his students were youth who had dropped out or been kicked out of high school but were trying to get their diplomas. “That was way different from the marketing industry and what I’m doing at Fervor, but it was a season in life where I had the chance to do something different.”

His Fervor connection: When Will and his wife moved to Kansas City and started attending Redeemer Fellowship, he heard from a church member about a marketing agency that was looking for a writer. He connected with Mike Farag, Fervor CEO, and the rest is history.

Family: Will has been married to his wife, Lauren, for two and a half years. They met at Taylor and recently had their first child, a son named Branch who is named after Branch Rickey, the man known for signing Jackie Robinson.

Outside Fervor: Will is no doubt a fan of all Kansas City sports, especially the Royals. His father was a minor league baseball player and played with Royals manager Ned Yost, so there are a lot of family trips to Kauffman Stadium. But his truest hobby is reading, and he and Lauren also love taking Branch on walks and exercising together.

Favorite book: Because Will is a book lover, he had to break this down into three categories. “My favorite work of fiction is either ‘East of Eden’ by John Steinbeck or ‘Infinite Jest’ by David Foster Wallace. In the nonfiction category, an impactful book for me was ‘Failure of Nerve’ by Edwin Friedman. And from a writer’s perspective, ‘On Writing Well’ by William Zinsser.

A community he loves: “I wouldn’t be who I am today if it wasn’t for my best group of college friends. After college we started a tradition we call ‘50 states.’ For the next 50 years, we’re going to meet in a different state once a year. Our wives are close too, so that creates a strong community.”

Favorite KC Food: Will loves gathering with friends and good food, and he and Lauren love to host people at their home, but otherwise Will is a breakfast lover. “I do love breakfast at Chick-fil-A. But ultimately it all comes back to Waffle House. If I see a Waffle House, 7 times out of 10 I’m pulling over.”

His choice for a beverage test: “Dark coffee. I kicked creamer to the curb a long time ago.”

A cause he supports: Kinwell Academy, where he worked after college. “I still have such a big heart for the students there.”

What drives him up a wall: “When parents don’t let kids be kids.” Will’s dad taught him, as he teaches many others through his sports ministry, that kids are in a fragile stage of development, and so sports and activities should be fun. “It’s hard to see parents and coaches putting too much pressure on kids.”

Digs Fervor because: “The Fervor team. I get to write for a job, which is already a dream. But to do it alongside people I love, that is more than a dream – it’s an answer to prayer.”

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