Q+A with the Experts | Campaign Manager, Kelsey Henrich

Q&A with the Experts is our blog series highlighting the Fervor team. Our goal at Fervor is to make your organization “shine bright like a diamond” -Rihanna. To do that, we employ experts in their field: design, web development, social media, and brand strategy.

Kelsey’s campaign strategy experience:

Kelsey attended the Kansas State University and received her bachelor’s in both journalism and advertising. Bringing together a creative writing background with an advertising perspective to form a well-rounded foundation. After graduation, Kelsey began her career developing and producing content and social media campaigns for clients. As she served her clients, there continued to be an increasing demand for holistic strategy, where each marketing piece was intentionally integrated with one another.

The work I was doing qualified as ‘social media campaigns’ but those campaigns contained supportive pieces outside of social media, and that gave me a multifaceted perspective on what makes marketing efforts successful,” says Kelsey.

How campaign strategy impacts the client:

“At Fervor, we don’t build support around one component of marketing,” says Kelsey, “instead we create every item of content strategy with purpose.”

Kelsey began working at Fervor in 2016 as Social Media Strategist. As she brought ideas and execution to the team through social media campaigns her role grew into a more holistic and collaborative role as Campaign Manager.  Her collaboration with the team made the transition into a Campaign Manager role a timely fit — bringing a integrated approach to marketing campaigns and creative team communications.

“One piece cannot be successful without the other. It’s important we bring strategy to our clients, because there’s no silver bullet. It’s a communicative process, and all parts work together to reach a common goal.”

When Kelsey sees campaign strategy click for the client:

“Visual representation is very important for our clients,” says Kelsey. “We talk a lot about ‘user-flow’ at Fervor, and map out a journey through the lens of their ideal advocate. The user-flow graphic displays campaign touchpoints; using tactics to meet the Ideal Advocate™ where they’re at in the process.”

Success for Kelsey:

“Our clients have a lot on the line, so our goal is to reach their ideal advocates with laser focus – and that’s what campaigns bring – specific tactics, to reach a specific marketing goal, within a specific time frame.”

Kelsey and her co-workers at Fervor examine digital metrics on a daily basis. When the team sees individual pieces of metrics perform well, that indicates a path toward success.

With our clients,” says Kelsey, “we want to communicate effectively and keep their business thriving.”

A picture of client success was brought to life as a Spring Appeal Campaign for Shelterwood, a Residential Treatment Agency in Independence, Mo. Executing a timely and holistic message to potential donors meant there was a need for several touchpoints. Kelsey lead the campaign strategy and creative team to create and deploy a strategic mix that included; a personal letter and video from CEO, Jim Subers. These pieces were then supportive with email, social and paid campaigns all exhibiting the same branded message.  

The steps involved to fulfill campaign strategy:

“A clear process is necessary to support campaign strategy,” says Kelsey. “In developing and outlining what this looked like I was able to fully own the campaign process from start to finish, and it gave the creative team the structure to collaborate effectively. It keeps us from jumping 10 steps ahead. It’s our process that ushers us towards success, without it we would all be throwing darts without a target,” Kelsey laughs, “or worse at each other.”

Fervor’s Campaign Communications process begins with a creative brief, led by Kelsey, and strategically pulls in each creative team member throughout the process. This process is full of collaborative brainstorming and iteration but also allows Kelsey time for research and strategy development.

“A key component is digging for clarity. I need to understand what is most valuable and important to meet our goals. What’s really important to the campaign and how will it help us accomplish our goals?

“At Fervor, we put great emphasis on the process for the good of our client.”

Common mistakes in campaign strategy:

“If you don’t have a path fueling your campaign strategy process,” says Kelsey. “it will begin to feel more like a lofty idea. But if you get too far without drilling down metrics then it could be a waste time and money.”

Kelsey speaks of campaign creation and implementation like an art — it’s knowing when to open it up to big ideas and when it drill down to what’s important. Kelsey says, “When I lead a brainstorm and then take it all in to iterate on the idea, then I bring it back to the team and we poke holes in it, everyone brings their perspective and it becomes even better than it was before. Knowing when and how to bring your team in is where the magic is.”

“We have a collaborative team of experts who lean on one another to create quality campaigns.”

What brings Kelsey joy to the job:

“I get excitement from the ideation phase, but what brings me joy is taking the steps to solve a problem. We need campaigns to create reach for our clients, and those are big problems to solve. I love seeing those processes come to life, as I glean from our team’s varying perspectives. It’s a joy to guide our team in campaign strategy, and it’s a joy to see our work in the market after we saw it through from step one. There is zero degree of separation in our process and I hope I never lose sight of that.”

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