Chasing Impact: Personal Purpose, Principles and Pay-Offs

Chasing Impact: Personal Purpose, Principles and Pay-Offs

If you believe personal purpose and company culture are separate entities, we challenge you to think again. Fervor wholeheartedly believes the intersection of employee purpose and workplace culture is where impact resides. To help you articulate personal purpose and principles, we want to equip you with an interactive worksheet that will help. But before we do, let’s examine why company culture is crucial to success in any endeavor.

Gallup’s State of the American Workplace is a great resource for metrics on employee engagement. They found 33 percent of employees feel engaged to, or connected to the mission of, their company, 16 percent are actively disengaged while 51 percent are not engaged at all. The study goes on to explain when employees are engaged, there is a 17 percent increase in productivity, 21 percent increase in company profitability and 10 percent increase in client metrics. What those numbers tell us is a direct correlation between personal purpose – one’s motivations, goals and desires – and company culture.

Think about your current company. How do you connect with those you work with everyday? Do your values and purposes align? It is imperative, whether you are currently employed or looking for a job, to evaluate the team you’ll be working with every day. Impact is created when your purposes gel with those around you – then your team can chase multiple goals with one collective mind.

We believe in four types of cultural influencers: culture creators, culture keepers, culture consumers and culture constrictors. Deciding how you embody or constrict culture is key for company success as well as your own. If you constantly struggle with current workplace culture, it might be time to seek greener pastures. The goal is to walk into your office ready to create impact with like-minded culture keepers.

To write down and articulate your purpose will influence the job you chase and culture you help create. Don’t work hard to get a job, only to find the culture far from your desired principles. Whether seeking new work, or evaluating your current situation, it’s important to regularly check your purposes and principles to see if they align with those around you. Wondering where to even begin? Our printable worksheet is a great place to start.

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