Supercharge Your Social Campaign Strategy, Part 1

Supercharge Your Social Campaign Strategy, Part 1

So, you want to make a real impact on social media but can never find enough time, energy and/or team members?

You know 80 percent of your potential Ideal Advocates™ are using social. You’ve heard that socially integrated campaigns have higher conversion rates and much better ROIs. You know other brands are using social to learn about their audiences and test out new approaches. But how do you even get started?

We get it. Sharing your message on social media is a challenging beast, especially for start-ups, small businesses and nonprofits. Like a voracious baby dragon, social media is constantly demanding to be fed. And social is always growing and changing—in sometimes scary ways. You can’t just shovel some content into its cage and hope for the best. If you wing it, you’re bound to get burned.

That’s why we help our clients develop smart and flexible social campaigns, and we do it in two ways:  

First, we create a solid foundational campaign.

A foundational campaign is exactly what it sounds like: Consistent, strategic posting that helps your audience know who you are, what you do and why. This foundational campaign will build both followers and engagement.

Your foundational campaign is anchored by useful, shareable content (blog posts, videos, photography, testimonials, infographics, etc) that keep your social stream fresh and relevant.

Speaking of streams, your foundational campaign lives where your audience lives. Where do your Ideal Advocates™ engage with social? That’s where you want to be! You don’t have to be everywhere. You just need to be where your people are.  

Your foundational strategy never stagnates. It grows and changes with you. We suggest that our clients update their foundational campaign three to four times a year, if not monthly. Yes, this is much more often than you’d update your brand’s Message Platform. Your social foundational campaign is built on your Message Platform but concentrates on the most relevant conversations you can have with your advocates this quarter, this month.

Secondly, we help our clients create strong, targeted sprint campaigns.

A sprint campaign is designed to go after a very specific goal during a very small window (usually one to two weeks).

Sprint campaigns exist right alongside foundational campaigns but are laser focused on a single call to action, like a product launch or fundraising effort. Sprint campaigns are often timed to coincide with a holiday, including “social holidays,” or an event important to your Ideal Advocates™.

Sprint campaigns can have a big payoff for your brand, but they do take some finesse to execute well. Enter our handy Social Media Campaign Planning Guide! We use this 7-step cheat sheet to supercharge our clients’ social sprint campaigns. You can use it, too! Want to walk through the guide with us? Join us for Part 2!

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