Traci Ketter’s Personal Purpose? Simplicity.

Traci Ketter’s Personal Purpose? Simplicity.

At Fervor, we believe we do our best work—and have the most fun—when we align our personal purpose with our job descriptions.  Spoiler alert: Business is personal! We’re happier when we operate out of a place of passion. And when we’re happy, our co-workers are happy, and our clients are happy!

Case in point: Fervor Operations Manager Traci Ketter. Traci is passionate about Game of Thrones, sangria and simplicity. We’re also big Brienne of Tarth fans and will always say YES to a post-work La Bodega meet-up. But it’s Traci’s love of simplicity that makes her an irreplaceable asset here at Fervor.

Traci wears a lot of hats: She’s our vendor point-of-contact, process guru, HR handler, finances wrangler and onboarding master. The skill that ties all of those responsibilities together? The ability to make it work. And make it work well.

“Ultimately, it’s my job to keep things running smoothly so that the Fervor team can do what they do best: create wins for our clients,” Traci says.


“It sounds funny, but I want to be the one who is tasked with freeing up any worry or concern that takes up brain space and capacity for our leadership,” Traci says.  “I want to handle it and take responsibility for it so no one has to be up in the middle of night wondering if something has been taken care of—that’s my job and I take great pride in it.”

Why Simplicity is the Solution

“If you have lots of different minds, who are very systematic and operations oriented, you run the risk of various systems being created, so having one central person be responsible, really makes the process more efficient so everything we do is always working for us, which helps us better serve our clients,” Traci explains. “No matter what I do, I try to simplify everything for everyone.”

That commitment to simplicity helps her meet the demands of her unpredictable, high-workload role.

“Definitely knowing what may pop up tomorrow or next month and then being able to plan for it is a challenge,” Traci says. “Often it comes down to prioritization, but that is essentially my role. Identify where we can improve a system, prioritize what needs to be done, streamline the process in every way possible and give our team every opportunity to shine.”

Experienced in Efficiency

Prior to joining the Fervor team, Traci worked as an Operations Manager at REACTOR Design Studio doing similar work to what she does for us. And before that, she owned her own business managing operations and HR for smaller organizations. She’s honed her simplification skills for years. We’re the beneficiaries of that dedication.  Lucky us!

Purpose, Meet Culture

Traci’s personal commitment to efficient processes is a perfect match for Fervor’s proactive culture.

“One thing that has always stood out to me about working here, more so than anywhere, is that we are especially good at identifying issues and solving them rather than letting them fester,” Traci shares. “We are constantly identifying ways to keep learning, growing and evolving, and I think that makes our work and the work we do for our clients especially unique.”

The purpose pay-off

Traci loves to hear about big wins for our clients. If the team has been successful, she takes a lot of pride in knowing she may have had a part in that. “Our clients are out there changing the world, they really are, and when we hear that something has been especially successful, it is so rewarding to know that while it may not have been me that scored the touchdown, in some small way, maybe I had an assist.”

That’s not small, Traci. That’s huge.

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