Five Web Trends for Nonprofit Leaders, Part 3: Content-Rich & Focused

Five Web Trends for Nonprofit Leaders, Part 3: Content-Rich & Focused

We’re in the home-stretch now, nonprofit leaders! In our previous posts, we’ve talked about how designing your site to be strategic, connected, and accessible can transform your organization—and how your audience interacts with your organization. 

We have two final critical trends for you: Content-Rich and Focused. 

Be Content-Rich

We’ve all heard it: Content is king. What we’re talking about is not just having content, but having intentional, strategic, and regular content. Sites that have regular content updates bring in at least four times the traffic, and sites that use both written and video content have an edge as well. 

  • By 2021, global consumer Internet video traffic will account for 80% of all consumer Internet traffic. 
  • Including a video on a landing page can increase conversation rates by 80%.
  • Companies that use video get 41% more search traffic than those that don’t. 

How do you own this trend? Put out original content on a regular basis. Sites that succeed stick to a consistent content calendar targeted toward primary and secondary audiences.  That content is the anchor that grounds your email campaigns, social media posts, and other communication into one clear messaging strategy.  

Be Focused

We’ve all experienced death by committee before. That’s why we strongly encourage our clients to establish one clear website owner within their organizations. That owner has the final say over the site’s design, content, and targeted audiences. The owner can do what’s best for those audiences instead of getting pulled in multiple directions by other departments’ priorities. Ownership also leads to action. If the site is owned by all, it’s easier to assume someone else will take care of getting important web tasks done. When a site has an owner, the responsibility is clear, and the work gets done!

Let Us Help

Do you want a site that’s strategic, connected, accessible, content-rich, and focused? We have an easy evaluation tool that will help you know what you’re rocking and what you need to fix. You’ll be able to score your site on five questions: 

  • Does your website have a clear primary and secondary audience?
  • Is your website connected to all your systems?
  • Is your website accessible to all?
  • Is your website content-rich?
  • Does your website have a clear owner?

Download our self-evaluation worksheet to start transforming your website—and your organization!

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