Meet Hunter Trammell

Meet Hunter Trammell

 “I love learning,” Hunter Trammell says, summing up the reason he’s in the exact right role at Fervor. Why?

At Fervor, Hunter is: the firm’s Web Developer. He’s in charge of building and maintaining clients’ websites. When an Ideal Advocate has a seamless and surprisingly fun experience with a brand’s site, that’s Hunter—making it all look easy.  Hunter is a full-stack developer, which means he’s a jack-of-all-web-trades, able to shift according to Fervor’s diverse tech needs.

A Happy Accident: Hunter was scrolling through different job openings on LinkedIn when he saw the developer posting from Fervor. “I thought, ‘Oh, this looks pretty cool,’” Hunter says. He applied on a whim, and then when he got a call back, did further research. He was surprised to find out just how well he matched up with his random LinkedIn find. 

Digs Fervor because: “I really like the sense of community,” Hunter says of Fervor. He loves the team environment and how everyone pitches in to make things happen. Good communication is important to him, as is feeling like he’s really making an impact, not just showing up to do a job.  “It’s a good fit,” Hunter says, and we have to say we agree.

Before Fervor: Hunter was the only web developer for the Kansas City (MO) Public Library’s collection of sites before he found Fervor. Before then, his path to web development was a bit winding:  Like many a Midwestern movie lover, Hunter was trying to climb the management ranks at local theater giant AMC, where he took a help desk support position as a way into their corporate offices. It was his first foray into the IT world. “I really enjoyed working with computers,” Hunter said, and he started seeking out training opportunities, including KU’s coding bootcamp. Which brings us to…

How Hunter Stays Ahead: In the fast-moving world of web development, there’s always something new to discover. And that’s just fine with Hunter. He’s constantly learning and gets excited about projects that give him an excuse to master a new skill.  “I love the types of projects that challenge the normal way of thinking about websites.” Right now, he’s particularly interested in “headless CMS,” which gives developers more flexibility in how they present content across multiple platforms. 

What he’s excited to work on: Hunter is looking forward to getting his hands on Fervor’s analytics dashboard to make it more robust. “I want to take that to the next level,” Hunter says. 

Outside Fervor: Hunter loves spending time with his wife, Ceri, and their two children, Murphy and Huw. “I’m a stereotypical nerd,” Hunter laughs, saying he also likes reading articles on web development, building his own computers, watching movies, and reading superhero comics. (He likes Deadpool, but is into anything with a good story.) Some day, when his kids are a little older, he hopes to get back to playing video games, too.

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