Meet Delia Berrigan

Meet Delia Berrigan

At Fervor, Delia is: our Editorial and Content Strategist. She will be leading Fervor’s editorial efforts, guiding our contract writers, and managing content and messaging for Fervor’s clients. She’s also excited to work on content and messaging strategy for the Fervor brand itself. 

Before Fervor: Delia has a rich background in all things words. She began as a newspaper journalist. “The deadline-driven work there definitely prepared me for the deadline-driven work at Fervor,” Delia laughs. She moved into publishing at Wiley, then discovered a knack for working with authors at a boutique literary agency that focused on business and inspirational titles. Those experiences led to a position leading Hallmark’s books department, where she met fellow future Fervor-ite, Debra. Most recently, Delia’s own literary and editorial consulting company helped authors birth their stories into the world. 

Not-So-Secret Superpower: Delia nurtured her passion for copyright and trademark issues during her days in the publishing industry. Now, she is diving even deeper into the Intellectual Property (IP) world by pursuing a law degree at the University of New Hampshire’s Franklin Pierce School of Law. Her studies specialize in IP—an expertise that will serve Fervor’s clients well. 

How We Got Her: Delia was running her consulting business, raising toddler twin daughters, and going to law school…during a pandemic. She was starting to ponder switching from consulting back to a full-time position when she saw an opening for an editorial strategist at Fervor. 

Although it was the most unusual interview process she’d ever been through—due to safety precautions, she got to know the team remotely—she felt an immediate kinship with the company. She was offered the position and started on her birthday. 

“I definitely believe in divine timing,” says Delia. “It was literally right after I finished my law school finals, completed a few larger freelance projects, and found spots for the girls in daycare. The timing felt right, and the people felt right.”

Digs Fervor because: She loves our mission, our clients, and the work we do. Making  a difference has been a common thread throughout Delia’s professional life. Whether it’s crafting books that impact their readers or creating marketing for companies that impact the world, Delia wants to leave her mark. Working for a company that does good in the world became even more important to Delia as a mother of young children. 

“The choice to work full time when you have a young family—you don’t want it to be just for anything,” she explains. “You want to make sure that you’re trading that in for something that’s worth doing.” 

Outside Fervor: In addition to spending time with her twin daughters and husband, Nick, Delia also loves long-distance running, reading, and her two senior rescue dogs (who refuse to run with her anymore).

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