Core Principles

Our Leadership Philosophy

We’re proud of how we serve clients here at Fervor. When we talk about partnership, we all take it seriously. We’re advocates for our clients and advocates for each other. It’s what we’re called to do. If you’re game to work with us, this is what we stand for.

Humble Collaboration

Fervor is rooted in relationships. Authentically caring about our team and our client partners is how we live that out. We approach working together with the willingness to learn and the freedom to challenge for the good of those we serve.

Determined Grit

We relentlessly pursue doing whatever is necessary to grow our team and our client partners. Through authentic relationship and a shared mission to serve, we dig in, knock down barriers and help each other thrive.

Ownership Mentality

Fervor wins on the inside when everyone fulfills their role with excellence. Excellent doesn’t always mean perfect, but it means owning the task before you. When our team wins, our client partners inevitably win as well.

Faithfully Driven

Fervor was founded on biblical principles that have provided us with solid footing since day one. Everyday, we grow as people and professionals in an environment that promotes creativity, community and connection.

Passionate Purpose

We’re not in the marketing business, we’re in the people business. Thoughtful, engaging interactions drive us. People will know us as passionate and motivated people leaving our prospective clients to wonder: something is different about Fervor, and I want more of it.