Founder's Story

Mike Farag

Fervor was born on a trip to Haiti, with a journal entry and an orphan named Daniel . . . I’m not sure many agencies get their start this way, but I can’t imagine that Fervor would be here had this not been the case.

It was 2008 and I’d built quite the career. Quickly climbing the corporate ladder, I’d made a name for myself marketing and selling wireless, cable and software for names like Cox and Sprint.

I’d led hundreds of people, built several brands, designed lots campaigns, crushed sales goals, delivered for top executives and made plenty of money. Successful? By the world’s standards, sure. American Dream? Yep. But content? Fulfilled? Alive? Not so much.


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The orphan kids in Haiti had nothing, yet they worshipped and played with fervor.
My time in Haiti dramatically transformed my life, and it was in Haiti that Fervor was born.
Through a series of personal challenges, a number of journal pages and a lot of travel, God got ahold of my heart and changed it.
I really like what I do — but truly there’s no one I’d rather spend time with than my wife Kim.
We believe in balance, and Kim and I get outdoors every chance we get.
On a great vacation with Kim, recharging those creative batteries.

It was there that Fervor was born

Daniel and his buddies had nothing, and yet they worshipped and played with fervor.

My dissatisfaction with the corporate norm and my passion for doing good collided when I was on a mission trip to Haiti and found myself standing beside an orphan kid named DanielDaniel. It was there that Fervor was born. Daniel and his buddies had nothing, and yet they worshipped and played with fervor. The experience changed my perspective and wrecked my understanding of happiness. I decided to name this ad agency Fervor — so we’ll never forget what is truly important: impacting lives.

Quite a bit has changed since Fervor’s launch. Today, I’m humbled to lead a crew of creatives who give it their all every day for our clients. We’ve made our home in Kansas City’s Westside neighborhood, and we’re proud to serve organizations around KC and across the country.

Fervor exists to help individuals and organizations that are out to make an impact bigger than the bottom line. That’s our heart, our core. We are built for the mission-driven, the game changers, the impact makers.

After praying and thinking and dreaming about becoming parents, God saw fit to allow Kim and me to be mom and dad to Selah.
All of us at Fervor are a family — when it’s easy, when it’s messy, when we’re on top and when we’re stumbling. So yeah, that means we even like hanging out with each other.
A Haitian artisan created the Fervor sign that’s in our Westside office today.
Haiti was life-changing in a number of ways: Kim and I met while on a trip to Haiti.
God used the orphan kids to change our lives, and to build Fervor: The Global Orphan Project was Fervor’s first client.
Life with family builds us as people, so when we’re working, we’re ready to give it our all.