Our Leadership Philosophy

We’re proud of how we serve clients here at Fervor. When we talk about partnership, we all take it seriously. We’re advocates for our clients and advocates for each other. It’s what we’re called to do. If you’re game to work with us, this is what we stand for.

We're made for

We're a

We’re made for impact. It’s why we’re here. We care about making true impact — for companies, the city, the world and the Kingdom.

We’re a family — when it’s easy, when it’s messy, when we’re on top and when we’re stumbling. We are forever each others’ biggest advocates. (So yeah, that means we even like hanging out with each other.)

We're not
to say


We roll up our sleeves
and get the

We’re not scared to say no. If we can’t be passionate advocates of an idea, a brand or a person, we say no with love. That’s what we call a real partner.

We’re faithful. We serve well when we’re zealous and we go after it with spiritual fervor. Real commitment.

We roll up our sleeves and get the job done — no matter what. Good client relationships are everyone’s responsibility, and when we need to do some blocking and tackling, we lean in.


We're called to

people come
- always

We’re called to give. Generosity isn’t an option. Being generous with our time, our talent and our treasure is at our core.

People come first — always. We are partners, friends and teammates . . . never vendors.

We ask anything. Ask for help, ask for insights, ask for lunch. We ask anything of each other, of our founder, of our partners and of our clients. Questions make us better.

We work transparently and live authentically. We share openly, we ask with humility.

Balance matters. Life with family, good rest and healthy financial practices build us as people, so when we’re working, we’re ready to give it our all.

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