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Meet Laurie Sutton

At Fervor, Laurie is: our Executive Assistant. She makes sure all aspects of the business are running smoothly.  Scheduling, accounting, operational questions, project software assistance, hospitality: Laurie has it handled. “Primarily, my job is to do any and all things to assist the organization,” Laurie sums up. Currently, Laurie is holding down the office in-person […]

Five Web Trends for Nonprofit Leaders, Part 3: Content-Rich & Focused

We’re in the home-stretch now, nonprofit leaders! In our previous posts, we’ve talked about how designing your site to be strategic, connected, and accessible can transform your organization—and how your audience interacts with your organization.  We have two final critical trends for you: Content-Rich and Focused.  Be Content-Rich We’ve all heard it: Content is king. […]

Five Web Trends for Nonprofit Leaders, Part 2: Connected & Accessible

Nonprofit friends, have you given your website an honest evaluation lately? In our previous post, we reviewed the reasons why nonprofits should be putting the same care into their site as they put into their in-real-life audience interactions. In short: A great website helps you do more good.  We talked about how you can retool […]

Five Web Trends for Nonprofit Leaders, Part 1: Strategic

Nonprofits’ websites often get shoved to the end of priority lists. When you’re out there serving people and meeting needs, it can be hard to carve out time and budget to create a great site. That’s unfortunate, because a truly great web experience can transform your organization. In fact, your website is pivotal for your […]

Communication matters in tough times

In times of uncertainty or crisis, things can get noisy. Messages start flying in every direction from multiple sources. Especially in rapidly changing situations, the cadence of updates can seem overwhelming. You might wonder how—or whether—you should communicate with your donors and supporters in moments like these. At Fervor, we think uncertain times can definitely […]

Be focused and forward. Transform the way you communicate.

We’ve defined culture and talked about how intentional internal communication can help employees engage with your mission. We’ve covered how connecting personally (Be Known), having purposeful meetings (Be Intentional), and sticking with changes (Be Consistent) can transform your company. Let’s finish up with being both forward and focused.  Be Forward One of the dysfunctions from […]

Be known, intentional, and consistent. Transform the way you communicate.

In our previous blog post, we made a case for culture—your company’s collective behaviors and attitudes—and how it can cause your employees to either lean in or check out. If you want to develop a positive organizational culture, you need healthy communication practices. Today, we’ll cover three, and we’ll get to the remaining two in […]

Transform your culture. Transform the way you communicate.

You know what question we should be asking each other more often? “How’s your culture?” In other words, how do people experience your brand? Your culture is your company’s vision, values, norms, systems, symbols, language, assumptions, beliefs, and habits. As the saying goes, how you do anything is how you do everything. Your culture is […]

Meet Debra Risner

“I had always vowed that I would never work for an agency—ever, ever, ever,” says Debra. But Fervor’s counter-cultural approach to marketing made Debra break that vow.  At Fervor, Debra is: Fervor’s Director of Brand Strategy. “In essence,  I’m responsible for how we bring brands to life, both in terms of creative identity and how […]

Standing in your own way. Moving internal marketing beyond yourself.

Every week, I meet founders of companies and CEOs like myself who are struggling with something…growth. It’s the reality of every organization, we grow or we die, there’s little in between. In order to grow, we must first face an internal battle, who can help us grow and how? For us here at Fervor that […]

Core Principles Matter: Here’s Why

Defining Core Principles Two years ago we wrote the Fervor manifesto. Similar to what most companies term their core values, our manifesto outlined the guiding principles for how we operated—both internally and externally. Our company was evolving, and we needed to define both who we were and who we wanted to be going forward. The […]