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When Purpose meets WordPress

John Regan is Fervor’s Senior Digital Strategist and UI Developer. You know, “the techie.” John defies popular stereotypes about web developers who care more about code than clients. Instead, he finds his purpose in making people’s digital lives easier. “Fervor is a marketing company, but we don’t just build ads and websites: We put people […]

Why Purpose is Everything

Purpose-driven is a bit of a business buzzword right now, and not just because it sounds nice. It turns out doing good is good for companies’ bottom lines. Purpose-driven companies are getting great results. Seventy-nine percent of customers in the U.S. say that purpose-driven brands inspire their loyalty. Internally, purpose can play a big part […]

Hiring Well: Tips from Fervor Chief of Staff Lori Zehr

As Fervor’s Chief of Staff, I know winning inside first is the best way to serve our client partners well. And assembling a stellar team is how we do it. If we can fill our ranks with Culture Creators and Culture Keepers, we’ll create an organization that both grows and maintains a healthy culture. That’s […]

Humility and Connection Drive Fervor’s Culture

As one of the newest Fervor team members, Will Severns has a fresh take on our culture. “It’s one centered on the emotional and physical well-being of one another, at its core,” Will says. “That culture of care is built into every aspect of Fervor’s business,” he shares. A Culture of Care For example, Fervor […]

Want to grow? Hire the right Cultural Influencers

When we talk about truly great organizations—companies you’d love to work for, brands you idolize—we’re usually not just talking about how great they are for their clients, but how great they are for their people. That’s why we give them so much credit: They are winning inside first. That’s a mantra for us here at […]

Traci Ketter’s Personal Purpose? Simplicity.

At Fervor, we believe we do our best work—and have the most fun—when we align our personal purpose with our job descriptions.  Spoiler alert: Business is personal! We’re happier when we operate out of a place of passion. And when we’re happy, our co-workers are happy, and our clients are happy! Case in point: Fervor […]

Chasing Impact: Personal Purpose – Who With + Who For

You’ve no doubt heard the adage “It’s not personal, it’s business” at least a time or two. Whether you remember it from its origins in the first Godfather film, or you’ve heard it mentioned in professional settings, this widely used expression somehow gives license to the idea that personal goals should be separate from work. […]

Impactology | Coming in 2019

We’ve been working on a really exciting project for you guys and we can’t wait to roll it out in the new year. Hint; it involves whiskey + whiskey always leads to good things…

Meet Yolanda Bordallo

Yolanda Bordallo is one of Fervor’s Marketing and Communications Coordinators, and we are so, so glad she’s keeping us in line. “I love being organized and providing structure for the whole team,” Yolanda says. “I really like it when I see we’re on time and the project is going smoothly—it’s so satisfying!” At Fervor Yolanda […]

No Fail Meetings: Book summary + why we’re reading it

It’s the dread of every office employee across the country – a day full of back-to-back meetings. For most of us that means hour after hour of unproductive conversations, most of which don’t pertain directly to you, your work or department. At the end of the day you go home, eat dinner, tuck the kids […]

Supercharge Your Social Campaign Strategy, Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, we covered why strategic social campaigns are good for your brand. (How does higher awareness, better conversation rates and incredible Ideal Advocates™ insights  sound?) And we described the difference between foundational social campaigns (brand-building, consistent, updated every 1-3 months) and sprint social campaigns (goal-oriented, single CTA, last 1-2 weeks). […]

Supercharge Your Social Campaign Strategy, Part 1

So, you want to make a real impact on social media but can never find enough time, energy and/or team members? You know 80 percent of your potential Ideal Advocates™ are using social. You’ve heard that socially integrated campaigns have higher conversion rates and much better ROIs. You know other brands are using social to […]