Brand Impact Assessment Cohort

Take a page out of our book

Fervor’s Brand Impact Assessment™ is the cornerstone of our strategic focus. From a thorough brand analysis to a full suite of messaging and a holistic marketing plan, this is how brands grow to new heights. And now, for the first time ever, we’re offering this Brand Impact Assessment in a cohort format.

The Fervor Brand Assessment Cohort™ is designed for small businesses and nonprofits in and around Kansas City. You’ll work alongside fellow Kansas City leaders and with Fervor’s expert brand strategists.

The Cohort begins March 21, 2018. Breakthroughs will happen, and the collaboration will be electric. The Cohort takes place over eight sessions on Wednesday mornings. Reserve your spot today.


1705 Summit Street
Kansas City, Missouri


Wednesday Mornings
beginning March 21, 2018
through May 2, 2018


($400 deposit to
reserve your spot)
  • Price: $400.00
  • American Express

Purpose, Process & Product

Laying the groundwork

Thriving organizations effectively communicate an authentic brand message. During the Cohort we’ll guide you as you define your brand’s purpose, process and product. We’ll work together to craft a full suite of brand messaging, so everyone on your team is armed with a common language for sharing your organization.

You’ll answer a critical question: Who’s it for? This simple question changes the way you operate your organization. You will get to know your Ideal Advocates™ like never before.

We’ll continue the cohort with laying groundwork for comprehensive marketing plan. Armed with the understanding of who you’re serving, we’ll start you on the path of rolling up your sleeves and designing a tactical plan. From content and social media to email marketing and web design, we’ll set the stage for a thorough plan to reach your Ideal Advocates.

Over and over, organizations tell us that this Assessment has changed everything for their organization. And hey, we did the math — our Brand Assessment clients see a 327% ROI on average. How’s that for results?

What You'll Accomplish

Let's do this thing.

During the cohort, you will:

  • Identify your organization’s Ideal Advocates, getting to know them like never before
  • Craft brand messaging, including your Purpose, Process and Product, brand promise and distinctives, brand vocabulary and much more
  • Learn from the experts in content marketing, email marketing, social media and paid search
  • Collaborate with other organization leaders in Kansas City
  • Work alongside Fervor’s brand strategists
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