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A truly great website makes all the difference for your organization

An engaging website is a critical tool for your organization. When your website is healthy and working well, your advocates are energized and better able to champion your cause and be generous in their support. These articles show you how to use 5 key trends to create a truly great website, and our downloadable worksheet helps you evaluate where you might need to focus.

Five Web Trends for Nonprofit Leaders, Part 1: Strategic

Nonprofits’ websites often get shoved to the end of priority lists. When you’re out there serving people and meeting needs, it can be hard to carve out time and budget to create a great site. That’s unfortunate, because a truly great web experience can transform your organization. In fact, your website is pivotal for your nonprofit’s growth and overall health.
Is your website where it needs to be? Use our quick self-evaluation worksheet to find out!

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