Brand Impact Assessment™

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At Fervor, we strategically serve those changing culture. That’s why we offer the Brand Impact Assessment™. It’s our strategic process. It’s our method to grow your impact. You’ll walk away with your Ideal Advocate™ profiles, a clarified messaging platform and an impact playbook.

When you sign up for the Brand Impact Assessment™, you’re not just getting a product or a process. You’re getting a team of experts. We’re website builders, graphic designers, marketing strategists, and relationship builders. Together, we’ve built brands on local to global scales with more than 80 years of combined experience.

You won’t find a team of experts as passionate about your brand as we are!

What Am I Getting?

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Research + Discovery

Through our research process, we analyze and discover key insights. These insights drive your strategy and tactics.

Ideal Advocates™

Your Ideal Advocates have the potential to expand and impact your organization in some profound ways.

Messaging Platform

Smart brands communicate well when they have assembled a clear and comprehensive messaging platform.

Impact Playbook

Plug and play recommendations that are crafted to push impact and grow your organization in smart, strategic ways

Ideal Advocates™

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