Web Design & Development

Fervor’s digital and UX team fuses strategy, content and visuals for a web experience that drives results for your brand. Our digital strategists bring strong expertise in web development plus proven talent in design. It’s a rare skillset, and our clients say the unique intersection of development + design makes for an above-and-beyond result. Unicorn-style, we know.


Engaging Your Audience

Fervor helps our clients engage with their Ideal Advocates using web technology. With a driven focus on user experience, we craft websites to ultimately serve our clients’ stakeholders. Layout? Navigation? Content? Visuals? Yes, it’s all created with those Ideal Advocates in mind.

Clients also dig Fervor’s web solutions because we’re fluent in both development and in impact. (Yes, that means we speak English.) Forget developer-speak and hard-to-grasp technology. At Fervor, it’s web design on your terms.

We Start with Strategy

And at Fervor, everything we do starts with strategy — and that’s why we build websites that last. We’re equipped to serve organizations every step of the way, from full development to ongoing updates and web repairs. Hey, when we say we’re partners, we really mean it.

Our full service web design and development services include:

  • Website design and development
  • Copywriting and content coordination
  • Site hosting and maintenance
  • Site management and updates
  • Integrations and custom solutions
  • Web training and education
  • Ongoing web account management

Fervor can help your brand make the most of your website. We roll up our sleeves and get the job done in everything we do. Ready for . . . ?

Let's get started