The Fervor Collective

Fervor is a group of talented, driven and impact-focused creatives. Some Fervor creatives are full-time, some part-time and others share their expertise on occasion. And we’re built this way on purpose — our model keeps us flexible, nimble and able to serve our clients with precision. We’re not an ocean liner, we’re a speedboat. Get to know the Fervor crew.

At Fervor, Mike is: CEO + Chief Brand Strategist. He’s the Fervor protagonist and brings creative concepts to life as the leader of Fervor. He’s dedicated to helping our clients make impact every day. Fervor wouldn’t be Fervor without . . . Mike’s beverage test acumen: “If we take just anyone who walks through the door, how do we serve them well? The short answer is, we really won’t. We serve our clients best when we can get behind what they are doing. The first step is to decide if we would have a drink with them on our own time if we had the choice. The bev test exists to forge authentic partnerships. Plus we do like great beers (or wine, whiskey and coffee).”
At Fervor, Lori is: Director of Brand Management. Both client and creative-facing, Lori serves as a strong connecting point between Fervor and our clients. “I love serving clients and creatives who are all out to make an impact. And no two days are the same!” Milkshake magic: One of Lori’s favorite jobs was in sales and marketing for f’real foods. “I built the field marketing program at f’real and spent five years marketing milkshakes for a living. No kidding! Many of the stores I visited called me the Milkshake Lady, and I loved it. Nothing puts a smile on someone’s face like that first sip of a really great shake. And I was definitely the coolest mom at my kids’ school on Mom’s Career Share Day. Everyone in the class got a milkshake!” Fervor wouldn’t be Fervor without . . . Lori’s passion for relationships: “I love making sincere connections with clients and building relationships.”
At Fervor, Traci is: Operations Manager, where heads all-things operations and works with data — whether it’s financial, HR or client research data. “I like being able to support the team. My work behind-the-scenes on the back end enables our creatives to make the magic happen on the front end.” Outside Fervor: Traci hikes in the Parkville Nature Sanctuary nearly every weekend, and slips in a nap in when she can. She’s a Zumba fan and loves quality time with friends. “Jason and I have the best friends in the world. We share meals, go hiking and play music together.” Digs Fervor because: “I feel delighted and blessed to work here. It’s truly unique to work alongside people who have a passion for doing good and seeking justice. I find it amazing that the people have both expertise and and talent along with the passion for impact.”
At Fervor, Chalks is: a creative in our European Project Office. His role fulfills our clients’ and team’s needs for exceptional planning, delivery and lots of hugging. Chalks serves as a uniting point between Fervor’s main office and our clients in Europe. DHL + UN + NGOs: His heart for problem-solving propelled Chalks forward into corporate roles with DHL, even working with the United Nations and NGOs as a link to the business world. Particularly when a natural disaster occurred, Chalks as Global VP of Corporate Citizenship utilized his logistics abilities to move aid material where it was most needed. “I found myself constantly going to big events, visiting with heads of state and heads of government, faith-based leaders and titans of industry. I got to talk to some incredible people on these projects, from Desmond Tutu to Colin Powell. I learned so much from being involved with these figures who most of us only see on television . . . I often had to pinch myself. I’ve been very lucky.” Fervor wouldn’t be Fervor without . . . Chalks’ strong connections and networks: “I’m a real people person and, for me, it all has to do with keeping people connected and delivering that strong sense of service. I’m eager to capitalize on the communities and relationships I have across Europe for Fervor. I work towards a world where everyone is included and happy.”
At Fervor, Josh is: a search engine marketing manager — which actually isn’t as complicated as it seems. “I work with clients to figure out what their goals are, then what the best tactic is to get found on search engines,” Josh says. Although he plays in the digital space, “it all ties back to Marketing 101.” A community he loves: Josh has a good group of advertising buddies, and they meet for a regular happy hour. Plus, his mom, sister-in-law and in-laws all live in Kansas City, so he enjoys spending time with family. Fervor wouldn’t be Fervor without . . . Josh’s search engine expertise: “I’ve probably had 300 clients over the years, so being able to bring that expertise to the table is helpful.”
At Fervor, Sara is: Brand Manager. “My job is to form a really good partnership and relationship between the client and Fervor,” Sara says. Practically, as the point person for her clients, Sara’s role includes structuring projects, organization, communication and strategy. Outside work, you’ll find Sara: “You’ll find me doing church activities and enjoying time with friends,” Sara says. She’s part of Christ Community Downtown and is especially involved in local and global outreach programs, as well as a community group. She loves catching up with friends anytime she can, especially over happy hour or dinner after work. Fervor wouldn't be Fervor without . . . Sara's long-term focus in serving her clients: "There's a real joy that comes from organizing things well, thinking ahead, thinking with our clients and for our clients."
At Fervor, John is: Senior Digital Strategist + UI Developer. "I'm charged with planning Fervor’s digital strategy, architecture design, and website planning and development," he says. Digs Fervor because: "First, it's the people," he says. "We’re all experts in our fields and we collaborate together to find the best way to get results for our clients. It’s a fantastic work environment!" He also loves how everything Fervor does is quantitatively measured. "Decisions are based on what actually motivates people to take action. Our personal opinions and preferences take a back seat to data-driven results." Fervor wouldn't be Fervor without . . . John's WordPress acumen. He's a WordPress Core Contributor, Theme and Plugin Author, having written code that is actually inside every WordPress site, as well as themes and plugins available for free download from One of his plugins is currently active on more than 300,000 sites!
At Fervor, Sarah is: Graphic Designer/UX. "I love being able to help clients take ideas, execute them visually and put them out in the market so they can see the impact come back to them. That’s why I love my job!" Digs Fervor because: "My work life is so positive because I feel like I’m making an impact," she smiles. "I’m being challenged here. Everything we do has intentionality and strategy behind it, and we're getting to the root of what our clients really need." Fervor wouldn't be Fervor without . . . Sarah's willingness to take on new challenges. "I will try anything. I’m not afraid to learn new software and new methods to help our clients," she says.
At Fervor, Jessica is: a Brand Manager, serving as the key point of contact for clients. She’s charged with communicating their vision back to the team and building relationships too. “There’s a lot of agility in what we can do to serve our clients. When you know that you have a relationship built on trust, the big wins make it all worth it.” What brought her to Fervor: Jessica first became familiar with Fervor simply driving by. “I passed by Fervor driving to work every day and started following along on Instagram to see what the team was up to,” she says. “I was drawn to the kind of work Fervor does for both for-profit and nonprofit clients. I was looking for a role that allowed me the freedom to help our clients break the mold and do something big.” Fervor wouldn’t be Fervor without Jessica’s  . . . drive to get it done: “I’m dedicated to doing what it takes to get things done for our clients. Once it’s on my to-do list, I work at it until it’s done.”
At Fervor, Will is: Business Development Coordinator. One part coordination, one part ball of energy, Will creates great first experiences for our impact-driven clients, and ensures we keep bringing in business that is purpose-driven. “I love meeting people who are making the world or just their neighborhood better.” Outside Fervor: Will is a big reader of fiction and nonfiction alike. He also loves spending time with his wife, Lauren, and son, Branch. Fervor wouldn’t be Fervor without: Will’s love of seeing things from different perspectives. “At Fervor, I get to enter the minds of different industries, CEOs and employees to gain knowledge about a lot of different areas of the workforce.”
At Fervor, Olivia is: Marketing Communications Coordinator, where she coordinates to ensure client work goes smoothly, and she also produces social content for our clients. “I love how much freedom I have to be creative and put my spin on things. I get to take something that exists and make it even better for the client.” Outside Fervor: You’ll find Olivia at a coffee shop reading and people watching, or wandering around City Market. On a nice day, she’s enjoying a good gin and tonic on a patio. Digs Fervor because: “I love the ‘why’ behind Fervor. It’s a big motivator for me. Serving great clients doing great things makes me want to do great work for them.”
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