Hunter Trammell

Web Developer

At Fervor, Hunter is: Fervor’s Web Developer. He’s in charge of building and maintaining Fervor’s clients’ websites. When an Ideal Advocate has a seamless and surprisingly fun experience with a brand’s site, that’s Hunter—making it all look easy.  Hunter is a full-stack developer, which means he’s a jack-of-all-web-trades, able to shift according to Fervor’s diverse tech needs.

Outside Fervor: Hunter loves spending time with his wife, Ceri, and their two children, Murphy and Huw. “I’m a stereotypical nerd,” Hunter laughs, saying he also likes reading articles on web development, building his own computers, watching movies, and reading superhero comics. (He likes Deadpool, but is into anything with a good story.) Some day, when his kids are a little older, he hopes to get back to playing video games, too.

Digs Fervor because: “I really like the sense of community,” Hunter says of Fervor. He loves the team environment and how everyone pitches in to make things happen. Good communication is important to him, as is feeling like he’s really making an impact, not just showing up to do a job.  “It’s a good fit,” Hunter says, and we have to say we agree.