Jessica Woofter

Brand Manager

At Fervor, Jessica is: a Brand Manager, serving as the key point of contact for clients. She’s charged with communicating their vision back to the team and building relationships too. “There’s a lot of agility in what we can do to serve our clients. When you know that you have a relationship built on trust, the big wins make it all worth it.”

What brought her to Fervor: Jessica first became familiar with Fervor simply driving by. “I passed by Fervor driving to work every day and started following along on Instagram to see what the team was up to,” she says. “I was drawn to the kind of work Fervor does for both for-profit and nonprofit clients. I was looking for a role that allowed me the freedom to help our clients break the mold and do something big.”

Fervor wouldn’t be Fervor without Jessica’s  . . . drive to get it done: “I’m dedicated to doing what it takes to get things done for our clients. Once it’s on my to-do list, I work at it until it’s done.”