John Regan

Senior Digital Strategist + UI Developer

At Fervor, John is: Senior Digital Strategist + UI Developer. “I’m charged with planning Fervor’s digital strategy, architecture design, and website planning and development,” he says.

Digs Fervor because: “First, it’s the people,” he says. “We’re all experts in our fields and we collaborate together to find the best way to get results for our clients. It’s a fantastic work environment!” He also loves how everything Fervor does is quantitatively measured. “Decisions are based on what actually motivates people to take action. Our personal opinions and preferences take a back seat to data-driven results.”

Fervor wouldn’t be Fervor without . . . John’s WordPress acumen. He’s a WordPress Core Contributor, Theme and Plugin Author, having written code that is actually inside every WordPress site, as well as themes and plugins available for free download from One of his plugins is currently active on more than 300,000 sites!