Laurie Sutton

Executive Assistant

At Fervor, Laurie is: our Executive Assistant. She makes sure all aspects of the business are running smoothly. Scheduling, accounting, operational questions, project software launches, hospitality: Laurie has it handled. “Primarily, my job is to do any and all things to assist the organization,” Laurie sums up.

Outside Fervor:Laurie loves spending time with her husband of 32 years, Jerry; their morkingnese puppy; and her two children and their families—especially playing trucks with her 4-year-old grandson. She’s a big fan of mystery novels and movies that end with a twist. She’s looking forward to being able to have close friends over for dinner again soon.

Digs Fervor because: they genuinely care about their clients. “It isn’t just something they say,” Laurie says, referring to her previous life as a Fervor client. “They get to know them and the nature of their work. They find out who they are and who they are serving. They really dig in. They care about how they are going to communicate their clients’ messages.”